10 Months Old

10 Months Old

First off, taking photos of a squirmy 10 month old took 3 people and we worked up a sweat. But this photo is THE EPITOME of Remi right now- wiggly, loves her feet and smiley.

Parenting isn’t picture perfect, so neither are these update pics. But it’s my girl being her. Love it.

Wow! We can surely tell she’s been in a developmental leap lately (if you parents of littles don’t have the Wonder Weeks book and app, I highly recommend them!) because she has been learning SO MUCH lately.

Remington weighs around 18.5 lbs (at our last doctor’s appointment a couple weeks ago) and is 27 inches long (home measurements, but she isn’t getting much taller).  She is wearing anything from 3-6, 6-9, 9-12, and 12 month clothing depending on the brand and item.  She can FINALLY solidly wear her 0-6 and size 2 baby shoes, even though her feet look almost the same size of her newborn footprints, they are fattening up, making shoes a possibility.  She’s wearing size 3 diapers, but once we finish these couple boxes we may move up (we’ve had some poop blowouts, TMI).

She’s still eating 5, 5 oz. bottles and 3 meals and a snack.  She’s eating great still.  She is working on spoon feeding herself (which is super messy, btw) but she prefers finger foods. I quit tracking “new foods” at the end of 9 months, but she’s continuing new textures and tastes all the time! Her favorites are still berries and avocado, but she loves most everything. She’s been doing more meat (ground meat, shredded meat, soft meats) and also loving soft cheeses. She also LOVES drinking water from straws or cups.


She’s still loving school. Big smiles when it’s time to go and when we get there. Still (thankfully) no separation anxiety, no tears at drop-offs anywhere. They all say she’s the smiliest kid at church and at daycare.

She had a big bad ear infection this month, but thankfully, it went away. Even in the sickness, she’s a pretty content kiddo. Doctor did say another ear infection could send us to tubes, but we’ll see.

She’s still a great sleeper and napper (barring her not feeling great, of course). But she goes down easily for bedtime and naps and puts herself to sleep most of the time. She sleeps an average of 11 hours at night with a good 2 hour nap during the day (and sometimes another 30-45 minute catnap in the afternoon/early evening).

She’s crawling all over and pulling up on things. VERY proud of herself when she pulls up. She’s great at sitting back down too, doing a very cute squat.

She’s clapping now, which is super adorable. And she just started giving high fives which is fun. 

She still happily goes in the baby carrier, and we did our first back carry this month.

She says mama, baba, and LOTS of happy squealing. I also think she’s said “Up” a few times when standing or wanting up.

Her hair is getting longer and thicker- in fact, she had her first little ponytail this month.  She looks like Pebbles from The Flintstones! ha!

She enjoys playing with balls and opening the doors on her toys. She also LOVES her dolly. 

She still laughs during tooth brushing time and squirms during diaper changes. 

She has broken FOUR teeth this month for a total of SIX.  Her two lateral incisors and her right central incisor appeared two days ago and the left today.  Aside from some stuffiness (and like two night wake ups) teething has been a breeze. We use coconut oil andfrankincense  oil on her gums and it totally helps. 

She’s getting very personable. When we are out and about, she’s so curious and a people watcher.  She will smile at strangers and offers her toothy grin very willingly when anyone pays her attention.

She has very little “jealousy” with mama. I worked in the nursery and held a little boy quite a bit, and she didn’t mind at all until he cried and I was holding him.  Then she cried too. Poor bug! Good thing my lap was big enough for both of them.

She loves when mama sings to her (Wheels on the Bus and Itsy Bitsy Spider are still her faves) but she also loves my made up lotion song (“Lotion, lotion, lotion, warm it up real good. Rub it on the Remi, make her skin so smooth”) and she just is starting to like music in general. She bounces along when music plays now! I love that!


Her nicknames include: Roo, Bug, RG Lee, Rem, Remi, Doodlebug, Bunny.

Remington, there are some trying days (mostly when we are both tired) but our time with you is just the best. You are the light of our lives. We look forward to coming home, seeing your smile, and spending time with you.  Somehow, you make everything an adventure and you bring out the fun in our family. Lots more laughter and giggles with you around. We can’t believe how fast you are growing and learning! We pray that we parent and guide you as best as we can! We love you, Doodlebug!

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