10 on the 10th…er, the 12th

10 on the 10th…er, the 12th

I saw this post from The Larson Lingo about 10 on the 10th- posting 10 pictures from the month so far…and I liked it. But the 10th was Monday, and I post weekend recaps then.  So I’m doing my 10 on the 12th! 🙂

I’ve had this “Best Actress in a Musical” shirt for years. Picked it up when we were in NYC during the Tony Awards.  I wore it to the last day of the show once everyone knew me well enough to know I wasn’t actually saying I was the best actress. 🙂 ha!

Pippin loves morning snuggles.  I like to blind the dogs and take selfies when we snuggle and send them to Tyler (who had already left for work).

I’ve started this 21 day arm challenge. 5 moves for the reps on the calendar.  On the “off days” if I feel good, I just repeat the day before.

Since I’m doing the Whole30, I sent the following two pictures to my friend Rachel who is doing it with me.


I bought this new artwork at Hobby Lobby.  LOVE.

Today I tried Starbucks cold brew coffee at the recommendation of my barista.  It was good.  And my hair is curled today. Boom.

My nails are long enough to paint, so I went pink and sparkly last night.

My friend Rachel started a dog boutique at BrickCity (for you locals).  Check it out! You better believe Mikey and Pippin will have new collars soon!  

Last Friday, I walked through the bike path at the park for shade.  It was lovely and secluded.

So those are 10 moments from this month.  A fun way to share some pictures that I wouldn’t otherwise have reason to share! ha!

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