10 Things About Us

I am copying Jessica and posting 10 fun facts about us. I think its neat to read about people’s quirks and get to know them better. So here are 10 facts about us.

10. I am a nail-biter. Tyler doesn’t understand this. His nails are so thick that he couldn’t bite them if he tried. (We have to buy a new nail clipper every few months because his thick nails will actually dull them!)

9. We alternate eating dinner at the table or on the couch. It just depends on our moods. When I’m dishing out dinner on our plates, I will ask “Couch or table?” and we decide then where to eat.

8. The only coke (or soda, or pop, or carbonated beverage, or whatever you call it) in our house is Diet Coke. And its only there because my mom brings it when she comes to visit. We are content on water and tea.

7. We love to watch the following TV shows together: Pawn Stars, American Pickers, Shark Tank, Burn Notice, White Collar, Suits, and Necessary Roughness. We look forward to new episodes every week.

6. Neither one of us uses ice very often in our drinks. I only use ice in my tea…and Tyler will only use ice if he is really hot.

5. When anyone burps or farts in our home, the other will say “Gross.” Its like our version of “excuse me” And we laugh every time. Yes, we are that immature. 🙂

4. Our dog loves underwear and socks. He doesn’t chew on them, but he will carry them around. He will often find them in the floor (yes, they don’t always make it neatly into the laundry basket) and happily carry them around or even just lay with them. He is weird.

3. We have different tastes in desserts. I like fruity things, and minty things. Tyler is always chocolate. I don’t really like chocolate-flavored things (chocolate cake, ice cream, etc). I would rather have real chocolate, not flavored stuff.

2. Neither one of us have been to dentist in over 2 years (maybe I should make those appointments?)

1. We have an agreement some day for when we have kids: Tyler will take care of vomit, and I will handle poop. I can’t stand to be around vomit…so I decided cleaning up all the poop would so be worth it to not have to deal with the vomit.

Bonus: We joke that someday we will have twin boys and name them Smith and Wesson. Yeah right, like I would EVER let that happen (the twins is out of my control, but those names? Um no).

Join the fun! What are 10 facts about you or you and your spouse?


  1. That’s cute about your dog!! Ours has been known to run out on the apartment porch with it in tow!!!!

  2. how funny!! #1 is also a rule in our house! i cannot handle the vomit!! and i can totally hook you up with a dental visit!! 🙂

  3. The “table or couch” item – I can so relate HA! We did that until we had kids; we eat at the table now . . .but when they are visiting the grandparents the question is always asked!

    #1 is a rule in our house but, funny thing, my kids have YET to puke when my husband is home. Seriously. Every single time the huge episodes happen while he is at work. I’ve been known to sing in the shower as I wash both of us off “I WILL NOT PUKE I WILL NOT PUKE” to Twinkle Twinkle. 🙂

  4. HA!!! I LOVE reading these! You REALLY do learn quite a lot about the person, and it’s mostly things you would normally never bring up in a conversation! =) love it. um “Smith and Wesson”?! hahahaha PLEASE never bring that up in front of my husband. 😉

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