10 Thoughts I Have Daily

10 Thoughts I Have Daily

Come into my brain today. (confession: I originally typed “my brains” in that sentence.  I have only one brain.  If I had two, I’d be a lot smarter.)

Here are 10 things I think almost every single day.

1. I want an Oprah Chai from Starbucks.  I work basically behind a Starbucks.  Every day as I come and go, I have to will myself NOT to stop and get an Oprah Chai.  I feel ridiculous ordering it – “I’ll have a grande skim Oprah, please.”…but it’s SO good.

2. What snacks are in my desk? I like to snack.  I keep snacks in my desk so I don’t buy from the vending machine.

3. How much water have I had today? I try to drink 80-100 ounces each day.  So as I fill up my water bottle or get another glass, I try and total up my ounces in my head.  But I’m bad at math, so it’s a crapshoot.

4. What’s that noise? My house makes weird noises.  The ice maker, some critter outside, something beeping.  I basically am always trying to track down the source of a noise.

5. STOP BITING YOUR NAILS. It’s a daily struggle.

6. I need to organize my closet. Also a daily struggle.

7. I need to hire a maid. When I see something that needs to be done (baseboards are dusty, floors are dirty, etc.) and I either don’t want to do it/don’t have time…I think “I’d rather pay someone.”

8. I’d rather be napping. Always.  I love to nap.  Unless I’m at a Hanson concert, I’m probably thinking I’d rather be napping.  So cozy in my bed.

9. I’m so blessed. Truth.  I think this daily whether I’m thinking about my awesome coworkers, my great car, my awesome family, or any number of things.

10. I want a bunny. Every day.  I want a snuggly bunny.  I would love it forever.

What do you think everyday?



  1. I think I’m so blessed daily too 🙂

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