100 Squats for 30 Days

100 Squats for 30 Days

A little over a month ago, a coworker mentioned that she had seen a Buzzfeed video about people who did 100 squats a day.

It wasn’t a big change, but they saw noticeable differences. So we decided to do it!  Instead of taking breaks to the vending machine, we would go into a conference room and squat.  At first we could only do like 25 at a time, but we worked up to doing all 100 at once.  It took like 3 minutes total.

And it made a difference!  We didn’t measure, but I can tell you that my cellulite decreased substantially, my quads are more shapely and my rear end is lifted and more “round”.

The orange shirt on the left is “before, and the right is “after.”

We are on to an arm challenge.  So I’ll let you know when that’s over and how a few small minutes could make a difference there.

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