11 Months Old

11 Months Old

To quote one of my favorite musicals, Rent, “How did we get here?” I can’t believe it’s the home stretch on this first year. I’m feeling it. There are days I just squeeze her tighter and smell her baby smell (can I make her use baby shampoo until she’s a teenager so she always smells this way?). And there are days I’m so proud of how she’s growing and learning and can’t wait for more.

This month she weighs 19.5 lbs (we were at the doctor about a week ago – ALL THE EAR INFECTIONS) and she was just over 19 lbs, so I’m sure we are halfway to 20 now. She’s still hanging steady at 27 inches or so.  She’s still solidly in size 3 diapers. I tried moving her up and the 4s were too big. She’s wearing anywhere from 3-6 month clothing to 12 and even a few 18m things. Her pajamas are now solidly 12m (except the feet are HUGE ha!).  She can wear size 2 shoes or 6-9m shoes. But she likes chewing on her shoes, so we don’t wear them foten.

She is still eating 5 bottles a day, but she’s sort of weaning herself as there are a couple bottles she doesn’t finish completely. She eats great. The only foods she doesn’t go to town on are eggs and bell peppers- otherwise she LOVES all food. She loves meat, berries, green veggies, pasta, cheese…girl loves her food. Still not very interested in sippy cups but loves straw cups.

She still hasn’t had any issues at drop off (school or church) and loves going to people. She is happy as long as other people are around. Her sweet teachers say she’s just a joy (and we would agree!)

She gives high fives now, which is ADORABLE. She can throw/roll the ball and is playing with the dogs and their toys. She LOVES the dogs. She gets so happy when they come in to wake her up in the mornings.

She pulls up on everything and even free stands for several seconds at a time. LOTS of babbling. She still just says mama, baba, dada, and up. No new words yet.

Her favorite toys are balls, her dolly and her play table. She spends LOTS of time walking around it and playing with everything. She’s bobbing to the music more now, too, which I love.

Still just 6 teeth, but her doctor thinks her molars are coming through. I dunno, but I do feel one lower and one upper hard under her gums. She still loves getting her teeth brushed.

She loves when she lays her head down on us and we say “Aw, so sweet!” She’s realized that’s a bit of a game. She also still loves physical play- upside down, tickling, movement.

Strangers always comment about her beautiful eyes, how observant she is, and her sweet smile.

She is just the most fun. We love every moment with her.

Her nicknames include: RG, Remi, Roo bug, Bug, Bunny. Narrowing them down. ha!

Remington, I can’t believe in a month you’ll be 1! We will cherish this last month of babyhood but we look forward to you growing and becoming who God made you to be. You are the light of our lives. We look forward to your sweet smile when you wake up, your silliness, and watching you experience life. We are so proud of you and are so thankful you’re ours.

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