13 in 13 Race Recap

I CAN NOT believe I’ve done 14 races (12 5ks, 1 10k, plus 1 triathlon!) this year.  I set out to do the 13 in 2013 because it seemed like something that would keep me active all year…and it has!  I didn’t focus on improving my running as much as I would have liked (all my Zumba and then tri training meant doing different things) so my times were pretty consistent all year…but I’m proud to have accomplished what I set out to do: do 13 races in 2013! (actually beating my goal by adding the triathlon!)

My year started off with a bang at the Booneville Relay for Life 5k back in January.  It was spitting snow and FREEZING and the race was small…but I got 2nd place female and won a trophy! ha!  (The funny thing about this race was it was soooo tiny…they had homemade bibs!)
April was busy busy busy with a race every weekend!
The first weekend I ran with Alden at the Reach Out and Run 5k.  This was SO fun to run with my best friend and push her to finish strong.
 The next weekend I ran the Miles for Mutts 5k with Amber.  Another race with a friend- so much fun! There were TONS of dogs on this course since it was for the Humane Society….we were dodging doggies for 3 miles! ha!
The next weekend I headed to Tulsa to meet up with Cristi for the Color Run!!  The whole experience was exciting!  The color powder did stain my skin a bit…so the “high” from this race lasted for several days until the pink wore off!
The last weekend in April, I did the Charleston Inferno Run for the fire department.  It was cold and misting rain…and I stepped in a HUGE puddle about a mile from the finish completely soaking my show.  It was a good race though!
The Hot Foot Run was next…and it’s the only run I didn’t get a picture of myself at! I went alone (Tyler wasn’t feeling great and slept in…he was usually my paparazzi at races!).  This race was so special because of the firemen running in their gear.  The race was also SUPER hot and I had to walk more than I wanted because there were no water stations.
Next up was the Color Me Rad in Little Rock with Tyler, Mom, and Nancy.  Sooooo fun to share this with them.  We had a great time dancing through the color stations.  I liked that this one was smaller and had both wet and dry color stations.
The next race was the Splatter Me Colorful in Van Buren.  I did this with my coworker Autumnn and her friend Sara.  The wet glow paint was fun..and the after party at the finish line with the black lights was GREAT!
July 4th was my next race..the Firecracker 5k in Greenwood.  I totally dressed for the occasion (but didn’t win the costume contest!).  It was a hot one….but the fire department was shooting water from the trucks keeping you cool.
Next up was the Lavaca 9/11 Memorial Run.  This one also had firemen running in their gear. It was a warm day…and mom came with me to this one.  I got a 2nd place medal in my age group!
In October, I ran the Arkansas Best 5k at work.  It was a little chilly (and I hadn’t ran much in the weeks prior) but had a great time.  It’s fun to run with your coworkers!
Next up was the Tri for Roses indoor triathlon.  I got 2nd place in my age group and finished strong!
The next race wasn’t ideal…but I did it!  It was the Turkey Run 10K.  I ended up having terrible knee pain around mile 4 and had to walk a bunch of it at the end.  But I stayed in my 12-13 minute mile range and finished in 1:18ish (clock time said 1:20…but I know my actual time was a little faster!)
The last 5k was the Greenwood Yule Run in December. I was really looking to this run and attempting to PR (runner speak for beating your best time- PR= Personal Record)…however my IT band inflammation I incurred at the Turkey Trot prevented that.  But Mom and I had a GREAT time dressing up…and she actually ran almost 1/3 of the race!  So proud of her! And we won the costume award for dressing up! ha!
When I set this goal, I knew I was capable of doing all these races, but I really thought that doing them would magically make me thin and “at goal” and all those magical weight loss things.  Truth is…that didn’t happen. 
But I did learn SO much about myself pushing myself this year.  I learned how to encourage friends running with Alden and Mom.  I learned how to push myself when I just wanted to stop in the triathlon and 10k.
I learned what the running community felt like at the Hot Foot Run.
I learned how to just suck it up and do it in all weather.  I was able to use these events to meet some neat friends in person (Cristi at the Color Run), and somewhere in there, I learned that I really could push myself and do what I set out to do.  This was a lofty goal when I started, but I completed it (plus one!).
I’m not doing the 14 in 2014…but I will keep running and pushing myself.


  1. Congrats at meeting your goal! That’s awesome!

  2. You rocked it!

  3. That is so awesome!!!! What a great accomplishment(s)!!!

  4. You are such an inspiration! You so rocked this year! Also, we got your Christmas card yesterday and I LOVED it! My husband laughed and said that taking you to a Hanson concert was def. an act of love on your hubbys part, ha!

  5. So proud of you for finishing all those races! And hey, we should win some sort of prize for best post-race jumping picture of ALL TIME!!! <3

  6. Great job!! These look fun! I’m too competitive – I don’t know how to have fun at races, lol! I need to try it!!

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