14 Months Old

14 Months Old

What a fun month we’ve had!  Family time, Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas season! And SO many laughs and so much fun!


Thank goodness, we haven’t been to the doctor (other than an ear tube follow up- which went well and had a GREAT report!), so at home measurements will do.  She’s 21.5 lbs and 30 or so inches.  She’s wearing size 4 diapers, 12-18m clothing mostly, and 2-3 shoes.

The big higlights this month:

DANCING! Oh man. She will dance on command or with music. She bounces at the knees, twirls around and moves her arms. It’s literally the BEST THING EVER.

WALKING. She’s doing great walking and we are working on holding hands and going where mommy wants us to go.


BLOWING KISSES. She’s not quite got the “blowing” part down, but she will bring her hand to her mouth and take it away upon saying “bye bye!”  It melts my heart at school when she blows me a kiss goodbye!

MOOING. Yes, she’s learned to moo.  We live in the country, ok?  She moos at the cows, at pictures of cows, at mention of cows, and at the horses across the street (close enough, ha!)

TEETH.  She got a new front tooth (finally) and we are so close on the molars. So now 4 on top and 4 on bottom.


TALKING.  Much more communication all the time. Her newest obsession is pointing and saying “Dat!” to let you know what she wants.

UNDERSTANDING. She’s getting GREAT at listening to commands and understanding us. Sit on your bottom, find your cup, take this to daddy, say cheese, put that down (but only when she isn’t being naughty!) – lots of listening.

PLAYING.  She is LOVING carrying lovey around, although we are trying to keep it in the bedroom/for nap and car time. She’s interacting with toys in a whole new way lately. She is dropping balls into her ball drop toy (instead of watching us drop them and grabbing the balls), she is trying to put shapes into their correct spot, fitting things together – so many new skills!  Her favorite toys are musical ones- the guitar is a big hit. She’s also loving playing outside.

EATING. Still eats amazing, and it eating more and more of our (seasoned, flavored) food. She loves Asian food and loved the black bean salsa at Rolandos! She still seems to love bananas and berries the best – but she eats just about everything. Most mornings, she eats a combo of cottage cheese, bananas, a muffin or a cereal bar. Lunch is at school – hot dogs, fish sticks, steak fingers, grilled cheese.  Dinners, she does amazing with fruits, veggies and meat. As long as it isn’t too crunchy or too chewy, she’s eating it.

SLEEPING.  Still sleeping great.  A few shorter naps this month when our schedule was off, but otherwise great.  She cries out in her sleep a little, but we think it’s teething related and she doesn’t typically need us, she just goes right back to sleep.

We had a great month and can’t wait for Christmas!

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