16 Months Old

16 Months Old

Sweet girl, your personality is SHINING through more and more every day. You’re learning how the world works and you are learning what you want. You’re communicating so much more this month, which is fun and frustrating when you know what you want but we won’t give it to you. ha!


This month, you’re 30 inches and around 22 lbs. You’re still wearing size 4 diapers, 12-18m clothes (most of the time) and size 2 shoes.

You’re still eating GREAT but getting a little pickier (I can’t complain- you still eat 90% of what I give you).  You haven’t loved shredded meat, but still happily eat ground meat and like deli meat.  You love black foods- black beans, blackberries, olives, mushrooms. You’re becoming a champ at using a spoon and a cup. You LOVE to grab our cups when we leave them in grasping zones- and you take drinks well. You’ve used a spoon out and about and people are amazed at how good you do with them.

Your hair is growing SO much. We have a special time brushing it at night and doing your hair in the guest bathroom mirror each morning. You also LOVE having your hair blown dry after a bath.


You can make the elephant and lion “roar” sound. You also LOVE “we, we, we, we” in the little piggies. You give kisses when we ask now. It’s THE BEST THING EVER.  You shake your head yes after spending a lot of time examining your toy pony who shakes his head.  Once you got the movement down, you quickly figured out the “yes” association.


You love to play with balls, but your favorite thing on the planet right now are brooms and dustpans. You’ve cried at public places because you want them.

You can really pick up speed when walking now. It’s ALMOST a run. You’re doing better up and down stairs, but you still have to crawl up and down them.  You DO NOT like to hold hands while walking. AT ALL. But you love to walk around.


11 teeth still.  Waiting on that last molar to come in. You very much dislike tooth brushing time, which is tough because we do it every day.

You now know and understand that hats go on your head (or anyone’s head) and you try to put them there.  Poor Pippin often gets to wear Daddy’s hats that you find laying around.

Oh baby girl, you are such a light in our lives. You giggle more than you cry. You are adventurous, brave (sometimes too much!), and you know what you want. I pray that your decisiveness and will will be an asset to you in life. You LOVE people. You freely give hugs, kisses and waves, and I also pray that God will use your love of people in BIG ways.  We love you so much. I’ve never been more proud of anything. Ever.


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