17 Months Old

17 Months Old

Oh Remi Grace, you are a beautiful mix of fire and freedom. You know what you want and are stubborn in getting it (or trying to!) but you also do life BIG- dancing, kissing, loving, eating- you don’t have a care in the world. We are loving watching you grow and learn and explore.


To be honest, I don’t have any measurements this month. ha! You haven’t been to the doctor (hallelujah!) and we haven’t really taken the time to measure you. I would say you’re getting a bit taller (because some pants are finally fitting!) so I’m thinking around 31 inches or so, and probably 23 lbs. Still wearing size 4 diapers (we tried 5s, they are too big), 12-18 clothes mostly (a few 18-24) and size 2 shoes.


Still my great eater. You love flavors- garlic, herbs, and marinara sauce is a fave. However, we’ve tried things with a little heat and you are NOT a fan. You will try wiping off your little tongue. Bless.  Cheese is a favorite- you’ve been eating a cheese stick for breakfast every day at school. You’re doing great with utensils and cups. So proud of your behavior at the table. You don’t throw food much anymore and get the concept of being kind at the table.

You still LOVE bath time, and after bath is just as fun. Blow drying your hair is the best thing ever. LOTS of happy squeals. And you LOVE lotion time. You’ve even brought me the bottle and sprawled out on the floor- like “rub me down, lady!”

You’re saying more and more words – more, shoes, feet, beans, doggy, up, down, hot, yes, no (LOTS of no to Pippin! ha!). And you’re mimicking so many sounds.  We’ve talked through the first five or so letters of the alphabet.  You can repeat, A,B,C,D and E.


You still love brooms and cleaning. My little helper. You also still love This Little Piggy and singing silly songs.  You love to walk up and down steps and anything uneven- working on your balance is your jam.  You are trying so hard to jump- it’s funny.

Solid 12 teeth.  All the molars are in. And you’re chewing on LOTS of things, so I anticipate maybe the canine teeth soon.

Sleep is back to AMAZING (thank goodness!).  You had been waking about once a night- between molar teething, ear issues, and just wanting snuggles….but back to sleeping 11-12 hours straight.

You are doing great at helping get ready.  We let you help put on and take off clothes, and a few times you’ve managed to take off a shirt or pants alone. You got a sock on once (after many attempts).  You love being independent. You love to turn lights on and off and throw things away. You are also being a big help putting things back, which is great.

You continue to love music and dancing. Clapping, spinning and leg drumming are new in your skill set, and it’s precious. You’re also doing lots of boogie dancing with fingers in the air (thanks to your teachers for that move!).  You also LOVE the cows and being outside. You love to explore and you moo at everything resembling a cow.


You are our greatest treasure. It’s a joy to help you learn and understand the world. There’s a song I used to use in Zumba for a cool down- it says “The best thing about me is you” and it’s true for us.  We may be exhausted at the end of a day, but it’s the best happy exhaustion. We love you so much, baby girl!


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