18 Months Old

18 Months Old

Holy smokes! WHAT an adventure we’re on! I can’t believe she’s 1.5 years old, officially!

So many exciting things have happened this month.

Let’s start with the measurements. Remi girl had her 18 month checkup (which included some shots, but she handled them like a champ).  She was 22 lbs. 6 oz. and 31.5 inches. That puts her just under the 50% mark for weight and around 40ish for height (SHE’S GROWING!)  She’s FINALLY outgrown some shoes and is wearing size 3 shoes.  She’s wearing mostly 12-18 clothing and still size 4 diapers.

She loves to pat her head and ask for “Bow?” when I do her hair. She only wears bows on the weekends (I just don’t make her teachers keep up with them), but apparently, she likes them.


She LOVES accessories. She got a bead necklace in an Easter egg and she LOVES playing with it (and also mommy’s pretties, when we let her).

She has told me a couple of times that she went poo poo.  We got a potty seat to start playing with.  I’m not in a hurry to potty train, but I think she will be ready sooner rather than later. I’m about to start reading a book and we will see how I feel about the approach when I finish.

She LOVES to watch Sesame Street.  Dancing, singing, sitting and watching, blowing kisses to the characters. She loves it.

She knows what DVDs do- she will take them out and try to put them in the player.

She LOVES animals. Puppies, cows, bunnies, ducks (which she’s calling gucks!). Big fan of critters.


She loves to read. She’ll bring us book after book, especially in the evenings when she wants to snuggle.

She’s been more interested in her baby doll- swaddling it in a blanket and patting it.  She is very loving and picks up on social cues- blowing kisses, saying “bye!” and patting people lovingly. She also loves to cover up (either herself or other things) with a blanket and go “night night.”

One night she was up in the night and as I rocked her, she kept happily saying “Momma!” and kissing me. Precious memory.

She usually always walks out the door (sometimes holding her bag or cup) and gets to her car door all by herself.  She’s so independent and I love watching her learn and grow.

Her favorite foods are berries, my Mexican chicken, Bambas (peanut cheeto-type snacks) and cheese. She hasn’t loved frozen cold foods- ice cream and such. She is still working on utensils, but is doing great. Still a fantastic eater.


New words (I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting, but these are fun): Wa-wa (water), guck (duck), church, school, cup, bites, mine and eat.  And lots of down, up, in, out – telling us what she wants. Also “Hot” is her favorite word.  Everything is “hot”.  Some things we’ve told her, like my coffee cup, but then she will see something she wants to touch and say “Hot”  She almost whispers it. It’s precious.

She is adventurous. Loves 4-wheeler rides, sliding, running, climbing. She’s getting great at stairs, as long as there’s a handrail or a hand. She LOVES ramps and will run up and down them. She isn’t afraid to fall and bump herself. Very resilient.

She didn’t love the Easter bunny, but she loved meeting real bunnies at school.  This month marks 1 whole year at school. We are so thankful for her loving teachers and how they do teach her.  She LOVES school.  When I tell her “It’s time to go to school” in the mornings, she runs to the door.  She takes her own bag and cup while I carry her into school (she would probably like to walk, but there’s a lot of traffic in the parking lot, so I carry her). She loves her teachers and friends. She also happily goes to her room at church. She knows which room is hers (she’s currently in Room D- which are 1.5-2 year olds).


She’s still SO BUSY. She loves to move things around. Lining up bath toys, stacking tupperware containers, moving drink bottles around. Just always moving. She’s happy 95% of the time. Just a pleasant kiddo.  Wakes up happy.  Goes to bed easily (even asked for it a few times- grabbed lovey and turned on her sound machine!).  She sleeps 11-12 hours still, plus a 2-3 hour nap. She’s easy on the go, so sociable with other people, and easy to do things with. Basically, I’ve earned her easy-going-ness from her early colic/reflux. ha!

She’s mostly called Bug, Remi, Remi Grace, and Roo Bug.

Remington, it’s crazy to think that another half year has flown by. You amaze us every day. We laugh more than we ever have. You wear us out, but it’s the best exhaustion we’ve ever known. We pray that you always love people, love learning, love adventure and that you grow to love the Lord. You light up our world, baby girl. Here’s to another fun month together!

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