2 Years Old

2 Years Old

It seems impossible to sum up this little girl. She’s so fun and funny and smart and wonderful.

I’m using some of my favorite pictures from the last year along with some of my favorite current things she’s doing.


She’s still 31 inches and 25 lbs. 6 ounces, wearing size 2T in most things (though we can still wear some 12-18 and 18-24 things), size 4  shoes.  NO MORE DIAPERS!  Size 2 underwear.  She’s falling on the growth chart because she’s staying tiny, but it’s ok.  My family is on the small side, so we will give her time to grow. 🙂


She LOVES: music (Baby Shark and Wheels on the Bus are faves), berries, tomatoes, guacamole, balls, playing outside, knowing people’s names, coloring.


Still a fabulous sleeper.  She sleeps from 7:30/8ish to 6ish most nights. Goes to bed after a fun bedtime routine: books, songs (ALWAYS asks for “Dishes”- Be Our Guest), potty break and prayer. Sleeps with lovey and blankie.


Has gotten so much better at brushing her teeth.  We now use a tooth brushing song and she lets me brush without a fuss at all.  Doesn’t love hair washing, but LOVES bath time.


She wants to be such a big helper- helps me clean, takes her trash to the trashcan, helps with laundry, gives the dogs their treats…she’s a great kid.img_5652

She’s so very social (wonder where she gets that?!). She loves to interact with others and other kids- waving hi, telling them her name, wanting to play together. She freely gives hugs to strangers (we will work on stranger danger later, for now I’m glad she loves people). She also loves names- I regularly hear about other kids and teachers at school by name.


She’s a little engineer- figuring out how things work.  She likes watching us do it, then wants to tinker until she understands something. I love her persistence.


She’s so funny.  She loves playing games with you and loves doing things to make you laugh. She is REALLY into funny faces and even though hers are not that funny yet, she thinks its hilarious to make funny faces.


She’s a great eater, still.  Not picky at all.  Great with veggies and fruits, but sometimes doesn’t like the texture of some meats.  BIG on dips and sauces. Some of her favorite foods are soup, tomatoes, pouches have made a comeback lately, dipping goldfish in peanut butter, tacos. She eats two good meals (breakfast isn’t really her jam) and a couple snacks.


She’s fantastic with silverware- spoons and forks. She can use open cups well, but uses her straw cups most often. She likes “icy water” to drink best.img_1606

She is an active participant in her dressing.  She will help me pick out her clothes and she will put on pants, socks, shoes and help with shirts.  She likes jackets and bows and hats.


Stickers used to be her most important currency, but it’s moved to suckers (since she gets those for going #2 at school).


Her hair is SO LONG and she likes it when I braid it.  I usually offer her options for doing her up and she likes it best up and to the side. 🙂


She often talks about our clothing “I like shoes, momma.”  “Oooh dada pants.”  It’s precious.


She is SO ACTIVE. She loves to jump and kick and run. She’s getting a trampoline at home soon and LOVES jumping on the one at school.


She loves her family something fierce.  She is a momma’s girl, but also a dada’s girl.  She loves playing with me, but Dada gets lots of claps and happies from her.  She also lights up for her Mimi and Gigi- and she loves her Papa, and cousins.


She loves her dogs, too.  She asks for them all the time, gives them hugs and kisses, treats.  When they are outside and only one comes in at a time, she is VERY concerned about the other dog.


She’s a constant adventure- learning new things, finding joy in everything, feeling big feelings, playing hard, loving harder.

Remington, the best thing about me is you. You light up our world, bring us constant joy, stretch us to be better people, make me understand God so much more clearly, and give me hope for the future.  The weight of teaching you and guiding you is not taken lightly for us.  We love you to the moon and back, and we can’t wait to see more of who God created you to be!

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