20 Things About Me

I have seen some random-things-about-me posts floating around bloggyland recently….and since nothing crazy interesting is going on (the weekends are where it’s at!) I thought I would join in the fun.

1. My first concert was Billy Ray Cyrus at age 5.  I had a huge poster of him in my room and would kiss it every night before bed.
2. I LOVED Inspector Gadget.  I learned to tell time because I knew when his show would be on.
3. When there are multiple stalls in a bathroom, I prefer going into the first stall.
4. I once was Baby Miss Arkansas America.  We went to Baby Miss America in California.
5. I broke my big toe in a hotel room in Texarkana trying to get my leftovers out of the mini fridge. #fatgirlproblems
6. Ed McMahon gave me my first car.  Well, my parents bought it…but we were performing in Branson with him, and he was involved in my birthday celebration.
7. My favorite movie growing up was the Little Mermaid.  I’m surprised I didn’t wear out the tape.  I watched it so many times.
8. I don’t require much sleep.  5-6 hours and I’m good.  When I was a kid, I would wake up at like 3 a.m., watch some Gilligan’s Island on Nick at Nite, play legos and then go back to bed (like a nap).
9. I don’t like to wear watches.
10.I rode my first roller coaster at 13 when working at Silver Dollar City.  I cried through that first ride.
11. I have 3 half siblings…but they are all much older than me.  And they all live far away.
12. I had a dog named Buttons after a My Little Pony.
13. I don’t like showers.  I love baths.  I take a bath pretty much every morning. Showers in the morning are awful- they are too assaulting.
14. I almost went to college at Belmont in Nashville for music…and I’m so glad I didn’t.
15. However, I would move to Nashville in a heartbeat. Love that town.
16. My go-to drink at Starbucks is an Americano with room for cream.  Yum.
17. I lean on my left elbow at work.  I’m afraid I am causing permanent damage…but my doctor doesn’t seem too concerned.
18. My mom took me to see my first rated R movie.  It was “Something to Talk About” with Julie Roberts. I was 8. ha!  She really wanted to see it and couldn’t ditch me, I guess.
19. I worked one summer as a financial director for a camp.  They didn’t ask me back (probably something to do with those report spreadsheets I never did). I’m NOT a numbers girl, but I wish I was more confident in math.
20. I used to have a thing for butterflies.  I had EVERYTHING butterfly in my room.  Beadspread, butterflies hanging from the ceiling, butterfly artwork.  Butterflies everywhere.

Tell me something random about you!


  1. My first concert was billy ray cyrus too right around the age of 5 at the WV State Fair OMG! haha

  2. My first concert was Billy Ray Cyrus at the Arkansas/Oklahoma State Fair. Of course I had to buy the Achey Breaky Heart Shirt. It must be an Arkansas thing!

  3. I can still remember where I napped every day in kindergarten. That was 32 years ago!

  4. I’m a little hurt that you didn’t share any of your Baby Miss Arkansas pictures!! Come on!! We need to see those!!

  5. This is so fun! I too love baths! In fact, I put my swimsuit on almost every night and hop in with Lilly. We have so much fun in the bath-tub! I am jealous of how little sleep you need-I need a lot!

  6. 10 and 18 literally have me cracking up. so funny!

    I ironically would wake up at 4 in the morning when i was little and watch baywatch. it was to the point where i knew the story, knew all their names, and would be so mad if i slept through an episode. lol dang i need to find those on dvd!

  7. My first concert was James Taylor. And I married a guy named James and my name is Taylor…kismet? I think so! And I love how you always say showers are too assaulting! It cracks me up.

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