Happy New Year!
We did nothing special for the new year and the holiday weekend- and it was perfect. New Year’s Eve, we went to eat and then came home and watched House Season 6. We LOVE House and got season 6 for Christmas…and we’ve been doing lots of sitting and snuggling and watching this weekend.
New Years Day- Tyler took work off and we ran some errands. Then last night, his mom came over and I cooked dinner. It was yummy. I made homemade chili rellanos. After dinner, we watched OU in the Fiesta bowl. Boomer Sooner!
Today, we just watched more House and hung out all day. Relaxing together is so good!
We are so excited about this year! We have big changes coming up! This month (hopefully) we will close on the land and begin building our dream home! Then in May I will graduate from grad school (I guess that is hopefully too! haha).
I don’t like resolutions but there are some goals for this year:
-Reach my goal weight with MRC.
-Be diligent in working on and finishing my thesis
-Work out more
-Declutter my life a bit. Get rid of stuff we don’t need.
-Work on being a better housekeeper. I know the mess adds to my stress, but I can’t seem to keep up with it.
-Reach out to my friends more.
-Build our dream home…but don’t insist on things we don’t need in the house. Remember we are building a functional home, not anything else.
-Work on budgeting better. Realize where all my money goes.
I think these goals are good and will improve our lives a lot. I’ll keep you updated on the progress of those things as we journey through 2011!


  1. Happy New Year!! 🙂 hope you have an even better 2011!

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