2012 in Review

I have been doing this year-in-review post every year…so here is 2012 in review! (Here is 2011, 2010)
January- We had our first Zumba meetup with all the local instructors!
February- Mom and Gram came to town for a musical and some fun!
 March- I saw the Hunger Games with some friends!
 We celebrated our second anniversary in Eureka Springs!
 I hosted a Zumba Jam session with Stephanie.
 April- I took Zumba B2 certification.
 May- Wore my first bikini in years.
Kelsey graduated from high school!
 I made mom a quilt for her birthday.
 I hosted a Zumbathon where we raised over $1000 for Relay for Life.
June- We saw Gavin DeGraw and Colbie Calliet.
 Mom and I spent a weekend in Branson for my birthday!
 Tyler sent me the first flowers EVER for my birthday.
 July- I made this quilt for baby Parker.
 I went to Miss Arkansas with my bestie Alden.
August- We went to the midnight Hunger Games release party.
 September- We celebrated Tyler’s birthday.
 I made this quilt for Alden.
 I was “talent” for a video at work with Hollywood star Rossi Morreale.
 We went to NYC.
October- I hosted a paint party at Cross My Art with some friends.
 I went to Vegas for work.
 I hosted a Zumbathon for Relay for Life (we raised $600!)
 We went to OBU Homecoming.
 November- Went to Tulsa for Jennifer’s wedding.
 We took family photos.
December: I ran my first 5K!
We saw Christmas lights in Fayetteville.
 We hosted our 2nd annual Christmas cookie swap!
And we had a white Christmas!

So that was 2012 in LOTS of pictures!  What a great year!


  1. Awesome year in review!

  2. I love the pictorial year in review! Looks like you had a great year. Hope your 2013 is even better.

  3. Wonderful. Blessed. What a great year in review.

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