2013 ARWB Ornament Swap!

Last year,  the Arkansas Women Bloggers did a fun homemade ornament swap (check out my post here).  I loved it, so when they announced they were doing another ornament swap, I joined in!  I sent my homemade ornament to What Amber Loves.  You can check out what I made her here.
I got this lovely homemade ornament from Sarah at Our Daily Craft! My Christmas tree is a mishmash of all types of ornaments…but we didn’t have a yarn one!  I’m not sure what this style of crafting is (knitting, crochet?)  but it’s so cute!  I just love the sweet red rick-rack she put on for garland, too!  It fits right in on my sweet tree.

You can check out all the homemade ornaments here on ARWB (I’ll add the link when it posts!).  We have some talented ladies in this state, that’s for sure!  
Merry Christmas, y’all!  

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