2015 Year in Review

2015 Year in Review

I love to spend the last post of the year taking a look back. Here are some of the highlights of my 2015.

I rang in the New Year with some ladies from my life group. I really think this set the tone for the year of friendships.  It’s been a great year for that.


In January, I took mom to see Garth Brooks in Tulsa.  It was my second Garth show, but it was just as magical.


Brandy and I took a little road trip to Kansas City to shop, eat, and go to the Missouri Star Quilt Company!


Cece and I did a Zumba bundle class in January and it was fun to kick off the year with some fun fitness.


I spent Valentine’s weekend with some fun friends on a night out…

And then Alden and Mike came in for a double date weekend for the holiday! We had a great time!


Mom and I went to Dallas to see Kinky Boots in March.  It was a fun little getaway for us.

In March, we had a paint night to decorate our life group room. It was fun to create art to hang up in our room!


Tyler and I celebrated 5 years of marriage in March with a day trip to Crystal Bridges.

IMG_8984 (1)

In March, I also went to San Francisco for work. It was an AMAZING conference and a great trip!


At the end of March, me and some friends took a day trip to Tulsa to see Pentatonix! They are so good live!


The spring was full of evenings on the porch with the pups…

And Tyler got a day off, so we went to the shooting range in Waldron for a day of fun!


One highlight this year was dad laughing until he cried at the church’s date night comedian. So much fun!


I got to go to the Governor’s Mansion for work (where we won an award AND met the Governor!)


For mother’s day, I took Nancy and mom to pick strawberries!IMG_9369.JPG

And we had a great lunch together. It was Gram’s last mother’s day with us. It was a great day together.


In May, I attended my 3rd Hanson Day weekend and got to stay for the Hop Jam.  I also got my first solo pic with Zac. 🙂


In June, we celebrated my birthday. It was the start of a #great28


Mom bought a jet ski, so we had some fun in the sun this summer.


Nancy and I took a weekend trip to Silver Dollar City.IMG_0007.JPG

Tyler took me to see the Newsboys in Hot Springs for my birthday. It was a great time together.


This is a bittersweet memory, but I want to remember it.  Gram was in the hospital and not doing well. I went to see her at lunch and she was pretty out of it.  When mom came back in, she had a moment of clarity and mom called me.  I told her I wanted to Facetime Gram.  This was really our last conversation and the last smile I saw from her.  I’m so glad I grabbed a screen shot to remember it always.


In July, I was a part of the Wizard of Oz at the Little Theater.


We had a summer date night to go to a Naturals Game in NWA.IMG_0362.JPG

We celebrated my boss Becky’s birthday with an 80s day.  I love my coworkers.


I attended the Arkansas Women Bloggers University in August. Such a great time for friendship, learning, and fun.IMG_0685

We took dad to visit my Aunt Bobby and we took a selfie.IMG_0795

In September, I went to Cleveland for a work conference and saw the Barenaked Ladies in a free concert!


We celebrated Tyler’s 30th birthday!


I went on a legit hike with the women’s ministry. It was hard but so good.IMG_1031

In October, we had a great trip to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon.12132551_864783001593_8500878382209547483_o

When I got back from Vegas, I pretty much turned around and go to Dallas for Hanson’s Roots of Rock and Roll tour. GREAT shows.


In November, my life group went to the pumpkin patch together. IMG_1484-0

We went to Tulsa for a date day and saw A Christmas Story the Musical.


We had a fun women’s fellowship doing outdoor cooking. It was cold and delicious.


I finished my 9th quilt. IMG_1818

We had a Christmas date night to visit Creekmore Park and their lights.


2015 had its ups and downs. I struggled, especially as we adjusted to Tyler’s job and after Gram died. However, looking back at these highlights gives it a rosy color. It was a pretty good year.

Here’s to 2016!

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