2016 Goals

2016 Goals

It’s the time of year again to set some goals. I hate to say it, but I didn’t do too well on my goals this last year. To be really honest, 2015 wasn’t my year. There were hard things. I did what I could to keep trucking, but that didn’t leave a ton of room for thinking about and meeting goals. I hope to change that next year.
Let’s review last year’s goals.

-Get back to my target weight of 160.
This one is laughable. Transparency time: I’m ending 2015 at a heavier weight than I started it. But I know I’m in a better mental place (thank you, therapy!) and am ready to make some changes.
-Be a better housekeeper.
This is the one I’m rocking. I finally feel like I’m staying on top of things. I told mom the other day that I finally feel like if people dropped over unannounced I wouldn’t be embarrassed. So win here.
-Use credit cards less.
I cancelled some cards, so that was good. However, I did take advantage of the cards with rewards a bit too much. I had some time where I built up more of a balance than I wanted. Nothing crazy or piling up debt, but more credit card usage than was the target.
-Stop biting my nails.
Nope. Too much life stress to touch this one.
-4 Quilts. One each quarter, if possible.
Another nope. (feeling like a loser!). I made one quilt. It was a hard quilt and I sort of hit a roadblock. And it was a warmer year and I didn’t want to be cooped up sewing all the time.
-Organize an Alzheimer’s fundraiser for the Longest Day.
I didn’t make this one- but only because we had plans on the Longest Day. It’s staying on the list for next year.

Which brings us to
Goals for 2016

-Make 3 Quilts
I already have the fabric. I’m actually gonna try this one this year.
-Organize a Longest Day fundraiser
I have to start planning this and set the day aside.
-Lose weight.
Not putting a number on it. I just want to weigh less in December 2016 than I started (I mean, unless I’m pregnant or something! Ha!)
-Make prayer a priority
I feel like this is a spiritual area where I struggle. I want to be better on this.
-Learn to hula hoop
Yes. I mean this.  I am 28 and can’t hula hoop.  I want to learn this year.

So those are my goals for 2016! What are you aiming for?

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