2017 Goals

2017 Goals

It’s that time of year again! To look back and look forward! It’s time to set some goals for the upcoming year.

I have to say, looking back on my 2016 goals, I didn’t “accomplish” much. I was busy growing a tiny human and that threw everything for a loop.  Here’s what I was aiming for in 2016:

-Make 3 Quilts
I started one in January and never finished it. I was too tired at the beginning of pregnancy and then felt too pregnant to lean over the sewing machine.
-Organize a Longest Day fundraiser
I actually had a terrible experience with the Alzheimer’s Association (they haven’t been any help to our family) and decided NOT to fundraise for them.
-Lose weight.
Well I’m ending the year at my pre-baby weight where I started the year…so not a terrible thing!
-Make prayer a priority
I did SO much better on this! We prayed more when we felt anxious and turned to God more than ever before.
-Learn to hula hoop
Nope. I didn’t think I could do that while pregnant. Maybe next year?


So what am I looking to for 2017? Here we go:

I’m not setting a weight loss goal. Instead, I want to make working out a priority now that I’m not teaching Zumba. While I would love to lose weight, more importantly, I just want to be healthier and have energy. More morning workouts, more walks, more being intentional and moving more.

-Freak out less
I have a tendency to get worked up over smaller things. I’m working on letting them roll off my back/taking deep breaths/seeing the bigger picture.

-Make friends a priority
I can already tell that friendship with a new baby is going to be tough. I need to make time for lunch dates, be intentional about reaching out, and still invite people to our home. It doesn’t have to be fancy, planned or perfect. It’s about friendship and hospitality.

-Save money
I’m a spender. I like to shop. I like having all the things we “need” (read: want). However, I know our lives aren’t improved by stuff.  My goal this year is to save money. I have some goals for amounts and purposes. But overall, to spend less and save more.

-Be on my phone less
I can be tied to my phone. I’m not alone, right?  I want to spend less time looking at a screen and more time in the moment.  That may mean deleting some apps that suck a lot of my time. We shall see how I manage with just “be on it less”.  I may have to force myself by deleting the draw. Either way, I don’t want Remi to think the phone is more important than her.


So those are my goals for the next year?  What are you trying to accomplish in 2017?






  1. I love the idea that it doesn’t have to be “fancy, planned, or perfect.” That is something I can apply to a LOT of my various goals this year.

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