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42 Week Highlights

42 Week Highlights

Whew! This week seemed to fly by.  Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to the weekend (Remi is spending the night with Gigi so mommy and daddy can have a date and SLEEP IN! AMEN!) or if we were just busy, but it went by quickly.

The biggest highlight is her third tooth broke through! Explains the stuffy nose and little bit of fussiness!

Daddy fed her dinner one night and she was so excited she was bouncing in her seat! I’m determined to make her not picky/make her a foodie (as best as I can!).  That night’s dinner was bison meatballs and garlic herb cauliflower rice. Sister LOVED it.

All the chewing this week makes sense now that the tooth has appeared.

See?  Chewing on all the things. (This was taken Sunday after an EARLY wakeup and hardly any nap. I was tired and she was able to mess with anything safe, including my House DVDS. ha!)

I loved her Sunday outfit. My fave, Ric Rac and Ruffles.  And look at how long her hair is getting!

Saturday night we met Daddy for dinner since he was working overtime. They enjoyed seeing each other!

Saturday she also got her first ponytail! I pulled it up and put a bow in it! ha!

She’s standing up so well!  It’s adorable when she goes to sit down. She moves down so slowly and is so careful.

We enjoyed playing Saturday morning.  ALL the toys.

Here’s to another great week of our growing girl!

41 Week Highlights

41 Week Highlights

This week we hit the big milestone- as long as as she was in!  On Friday, she was 40 weeks, 6 days.  I don’t normally keep track of days (heck, I only know weeks because of blogging) but I had the thought on the drive to work/school that she would be 41 weeks on Saturday.  So here we are.  Out and in!20139761_10100134499818903_3710612934743624170_n.jpg

My good little eater!  She GOES TO TOWN on her finger foods.

I bought some tiny pony tail holders and loosely put it up one night.  She thought it was hilarious!

When she wakes up before I want her to, she gets to play in the bathroom jumper while I get ready.  I said this is how you contain a monkey at 6 am!

She’s been doing this funny scrunchy nose face. It cracks us up!

She rode on her elephant (the grandmas did it once, but we weren’t home to see it…and she wasn’t a huge fan then), but she LOVED it now!

And then big girl decided to pull up to a stand!  Hello there!

A fun exciting week together, for sure!

Peanut Butter Burger

Peanut Butter Burger

Guys, you’re gonna have to trust me on this one. It’s weird, but it’s good. I promise.

This was inspired by a burger I had years ago in Tulsa at the Dust Bowl bowling alley.  Theirs didn’t have bacon, but otherwise, this is a pretty exact replica of that burger.

Let’s be honest here, friends. I work full time and have a 9 month old, so this isn’t a homemade burger. I used frozen patties broiled in the oven and the buns and peanut butter are store-bought. But it doesn’t matter. It’s super good.

The peanut butter is creamy, salty and a hint of sweet against the savory onions, crispy bacon and crisp waffles.


  • Beef burger patties (1 per person)- like I said I used frozen 85/15 patties
  • 2 slices of bacon per person
  • Frozen waffles (2 per person)- toast them to your liking, for me that’s on level 2 twice
  • 1 onion for every 2 burgers
  • 2 tbsp butter per onion
  • 1 tbsp oil per onion (I use Riceland’s rice bran oil)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • seasoned salt
  • 1 tbsp creamy peanut butter per person


  • Broil or grill your burgers (sprinkle with season salt before cooking).
  • Crisp up your bacon (I sometimes cook it on the stove or often in the oven).
  • Caramelize the onions. Melt the butter and oil together over medium high heat.  Slice your onion in rings and place in melted butter/oil mixture.  Sprinkle with salt and sugar and turn the heat down to medium.  Let them cook for 20 minutes until golden brown.
  • Toast the waffles.
  • Assemble the burgers. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT.  Bottom bun, burger, onions, bacon, and then peanut butter on the top bun.  DO NOT PUT PB ON THE BOTTOM BUN (I don’t like to yell, but if you do this, the peanut butter hits your tongue first and it’s all you taste. Trust me!)
  • Enjoy!

You could also make these like sliders with smaller burgers and the mini waffle buns. They would be really fun for a party since they are super unique!

40 Week Highlights

40 Week Highlights

Where is the time going? This week had it’s highs and lows, but looking back at the memories, it was a good week overall.

Let’s start with this girl growing and developing SO FAST. She was attempting to stand up. Look at those straight legs! She’s crawling all over the place, so goodness help us when she walks!

She moved up to a “big girl” car seat. I was tired of carrying around the baby carrier and she was outgrowing it. So we moved on up.

Just a little mom and Remi selfie before school. Love this girl.

One morning I found Mikey in her room keeping her company between her waking up and going to get her (mom’s gotta turn on the coffee pot, yo).  He loves her, but mostly when she’s contained in her crib. ha!

We had two doctor’s visits this week. The first was an ear follow up and her 9 month well-child checkup. All is well with the 9 month visit, but turned out she had a double ear infection. You wouldn’t know it then because she was a peach. However, she developed a fever later in the week which sent us BACK to the doctor for a checkup.

I ended up wearing her to church on Sunday because we went to the early service. My first time wearing my new Tula. It has the sleepy carrier dust, too!

She looked adorable before church though! I can only get a good picture with her locked in her booster seat because she’s always on the move!

Trying to pull up…

LOVING bath time.

I went to Walmart on my own and left with this GIANT toy. I couldn’t resit. It looked like she would enjoy it. And she sure did!


So that was our week! Such fun with our girl!