2019 Christmas Parade

2019 Christmas Parade

While we were in Dallas, our hometown had their Christmas parade. We’ve talked about her riding in it from her county fair pageant win (though our hometown would let just about anyone in the parade!), and I didn’t want her to miss out just because I was gone.

I was so sad to miss it, but I was glad she had a blast.

Tyler borrowed a vintage convertible from some family friends, but it was misting and cold, so they kept the top up.


They got Remi looking SO cute in her crown and sash.


So many friends sent me pics and videos- which I was so thankful for.

Remi said she LOVED throwing candy and yelling “Merry Christmas!”

She was also thrilled when she saw people she knew. I heard ALL about her seeing momma’s friends and Lillian. She loves Lillian.


The parade ends at the square, where Santa lives, so she was on the lookout for the big man.


And she found him!  He picked her up and carried her around for a minute (which I totally heard ALL about- I think it was a highlight for her!)


This was the best pic I got of the three of them riding. I love it!


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