2020 Night to Shine

2020 Night to Shine

Tyler and I volunteered for the Night to Shine prom again! It’s an amazing night for teens and adults with special needs, where they get to be king or queen of the prom! A limo ride, crowns, dancing, karaoke, food and fun!

We did it a couple years ago, but last year we were on our cruise. We weren’t going to miss it this year!

It was a good year- we were both paired with younger teens who had friends there, so we sort of joined a pack for the night.

I had a BLAST with my girls- we danced, karaoked Taylor Swift, and had a great night.

And I also loved wearing sequins. Any chance I get, thankyouverymuch.


This tent felt like magic.All these amazing people having the time of their lives! So wonderful!


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