21 Days

21 Days

I did something crazy.  I bought the 21 Day Fix and started today.

2014-12-02 07_34_06-brittneydeanne on Instagram

I’m already sore from the first workout.  I have my food packed today (which resorted in a random dinner mix planned to try and stick with the food guidelines).  I’m committed this time.


I weighed and measured…and I didn’t like it.  I want to change it.

So I’m doing 1 round of the 21 day fix before Christmas….and I’m hoping it works and I like it to keep doing rounds until I meet some goals.  Tyler has 15 more weeks of training (where he is mostly working nights) so it’s sort of easy to do a stricter eating plan, and even easier to work out in the mornings, because he isn’t home.  So I’m going to take advantage of that and do this.


It ain’t pretty folks…but as it stands, I have 38 pounds to lose to get to where I want to be (goal #1).  I’ve seen some people have GREAT results on the 21 day fix…so I hope to follow suite.  I also have some non-scale jeans I’d love to fit into.

You can follow along on my IG (@brittneydeanne) to see what I’m up to with the Fix.  And if you want to buy your own, my coach Karri will set you up.

Day 1. Time to go.

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