21 Months Old

21 Months Old

Oh my goodness.  3/4 of this year is over.  Sadness is my first initial reaction, but then I’m happy because of all the fun we’re having. She’s learning so much and is such a joy to be around.


So many fun things to update this month, but let’s start with some measurements because I actually took some! She weighs 24.5 lbs and is 31.5 inches tall.  Wearing size 5 diapers and anywhere from 12-18 to 2T clothes depending on the brand/style (still mostly 18-24m stuff).  Officially in a size 4 shoe- we got to get a bunch of the ones I’ve been hoarding done from the closet to wear!

She’s talking SO much. She loves to know names and knows all of her teachers, her family and some friends at school.  She also LOVES to name the dogs often. She also knows and uses the names of some of her toys (Abby, Bah Bah the sheep, Lovey).


She loves buckling herself in to high chairs and the stroller.  Then she wants to play with it, asking you to “opoo” it for her.

She’s an amazing fearless swimmer- jumping in and putting her face in the pool.

She loves animals- fish, geese, the hummingbirds outside. Loves watching them.  Still a big puppy fan.

She loves big kids still and will play great with them. We went on vacation to Big Cedar and she played in the kid’s pool with some older girls. She just doesn’t like when they treat her like a baby and want to carry or hold her.


She’s still SO busy and on the move, but she will sit still for movies (Zootopia and Cars are the faves) and she sat still while I was at the chiropractor.

She HATES when you cut some of her food (unless she asks). Want it all whole. But she’s eating great. Some favorite foods are cherry tomatoes, turkey lunch meat and apples.

She LOVES to sing along with songs now. We get the ABCs, Twinkle Twinkle, Bah Bah Black Sheep, Jolly Good Fellow, and more.

Some words she’s using often are: the body parts (she talks about her belly, cheek, arms, neck so often), please, flower, fireworks, lovey.  She also talks about her prayers at bedtime.  She says “Pwayers” and folds her little hands and then says “Amen” when we finish. It’s the sweetest.

She now knows that cooking is hot, but she’s still very interested. She will get up in her little countertop tower and help me cook. She likes to play with her toy knives and plates and play with food.


She (tries to) dress herself, working on her shirts and pants.  She can get shoes and socks on by herself, and she often will take socks out just to play putting them on.

She will ask to “pway” (play) in the mornings when we get ready, and I try to always let her have a few minutes.  I’m never too busy to let her learn and explore.  I am not a perfect mom, but I try to give her patience and grace to be little.


She calls herself “Rere” which is THE BEST.

Remington Grace, you are the highlight of our days. You make us laugh, you test our patience, and you teach us about God’s grace. We are so excited to keep exploring this world with you.


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