23 Months Old

23 Months Old

What the WHAT?  23 Months? Next time I blink, we will have a 2 year old! I’m only a twinge sad, I’m mostly excited about all the fun ahead of us. The bigger she gets, the more she learns, and the more exciting things we have in store for us.

This month, she’s still around 26 lbs. and 32 inches. She is still wearing her size 4-4.5 shoes and size 5 diapers.


She’s done SO MANY things this month. Her little brain is blooming! Some of my favorites are word-related: counting (she can make it to three without help), saying “thank you” umprompted (“tank um”), saying her memory verse (she’s learned God Made Me and is working on Love the Lord).  She’s singing along with LOTS of songs: Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs, Ring Around the Rosie, You Are My Sunshine, Jesus Loves Me….so much singing.  She will also say “I did it!” when attempting something. Lots of 3 word sentences and putting thoughts together. Leaps and bounds with the language.

She will “tickle tickle” us with the cutest little tickle hands and a high pitched voice. It’s adorable.


She loves to play putting her toys “night night”- wrapping them up in blankets and patting them.

She’s learning colors- knows black and yellow. Learning shapes- knows circle, heart and triangle (even if she struggles to say it). She is LOVING to color (prefers markers) and prefers white paper to coloring sheets.

Stickers are valuable currency for her. She LOVES a sticker.

She is loving trucks, cars and tractors. She is loving her truck noisy book, Little Excavator and her big fire truck toy.

She loves to “cheese” in the mornings- walking down the sidewalk to the front steps and taking a picture.

Her favorite foods are cookies and soup. That girl LOVES soup.

Once this last month she didn’t want to take a bath and took her first big girl shower instead.

She struggles with listening and doing, so we’ve had some time outs about that. We are working on quickly obeying, but it’s so hard with a headstrong toddler.  Working on a “yes mom” or “yes dad” attitude when we ask her to do something. img_5719

She gives LOTS of hugs and kisses and totally understands that we do them when we say goodbye or to people we love.

She loves to help dress herself- she can get her pants down and up mostly by herself and with enough time, she can put a shirt on herself. Great putting her shoes on by herself.

She loves to play in water- the water fountain at school, bowls of water at Mimis, the water table, the pool. Splashing is her favorite.

She has been SUPER loving- lots of hugs, kisses, saying “hello.”  Not just us- she’s hugs all her teachers and friends leaving school, hugs strangers at the store, hugs people at church….she’s got a sweet heart.


She loves to play- puzzles, play doh, physical play, running, jumping (“big jump”), baby dolls…she will ask to go play.

I got my first day recap this month.  She took yogurt for breakfast and I asked her if she ate her yogurt.  She told me, “Mess face.  Mess mouth.  D wipe” (Miss D is her teacher).  She showed me her face and hands and then showed me how she wiped….a very detailed story about her day.  I loved it.


Remington, you are a ball of fun. You wake up smiling and playing with us, you love and hug us, you sing songs, you giggle, you are just plain fun. We are so proud of the way you take on challenges, try new things, love on people, and the way you’re already making good choices. We are loving the extra family time now (with Daddy’s new schedule). It’s allowing us to have more adventures together and enjoy more time just being together. You just bring us joy. We love you THIS big.



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