25 Days of Christmas Outfits: Week 1

25 Days of Christmas Outfits: Week 1

Since Remi was able to wear almost everything from LAST Christmas, plus the outfits we’ve been collecting for her for this year, we had a lot of holiday clothing.

So I decided that once December 1 hit, we were going to wear Christmas clothes every day! So here’s our first week (one day exception was when we went to see Sesame Street- she wore Elmo that day!). Taking pictures of a toddler each morning isn’t always the easiest thing….

Pink and red Santa!

The sweetest plaid outfit that our friend Susie made her last year!


Santa! (This one is from last year. The pants were too small, but the shirt still fit!)


She’s LOVING Frosty, so she really enjoyed this snowman shirt.


A Tri Chi (my college sorority, colors were pink and green!) Christmas dress…with crocs, of course. Her shoe of choice.


There was a tiny chance of snow, so we broke out the snowflake outfit. I think this feels like Elsa with the blue velvet pants.


Have a Holly Jolly week, friends!

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