25 Days of Christmas Outfits: Week 3

25 Days of Christmas Outfits: Week 3

Well, turns out we had enough Christmas clothes that we won’t have to repeat any outfits. ha! Thankfully so much of it should fit next year as well (so note to self: don’t buy any more Christmas clothes! ha!), but we are loving being so festive every day.

On Monday, it was warmer, so we wore her Christmas smock dress.  She liked her “orm-a-mens” on it.

Daddy got her ready for school a couple of days this week, and he took pics for me on those days.  Look at that big smile for Daddy!  And that cute red and green!


I was partial to this cute Santa stripe outfit. The stripes, the fur, the sequins….it’s perfect.


She wasn’t totally feeling the pictures, but agreed to take a pic with momma.  I love this Eleanor Rose jumper- but bless, it’s still too big and we had to tie up the back straps.


And Friday was a fancy day for school, but we wanted to wear her Nutcracker dress! She loved the tall socks with her boots, too!


Only 4 more days left to go!

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