25 Days of Christmas Outfits: Week 4

25 Days of Christmas Outfits: Week 4

The last of the Christmas outfits! Just a few days left to show off.

Saturday was pretty low key. Remi was home all day- with us and then a babysitter (we went to Tyler’s grandfather’s funeral- more on that later), so she wore a snowflake shirt while playing.

Sunday was this ADORABLE get up- a nativity dress, tall socks and a big bow! Everyone at church LOVED it.

Monday she wore TWO Christmas outfits. The first was this cute Eleanor Rose shirt (that I really ordered for next year on clearance, but it arrived on Monday, so she wore it!) while we played and did family Christmas.

Then a second nativity dress for Christmas Eve service!

On actual Christmas, she got dressed up with this new Rudolph outfit from cousin Kelsey for lunch. You know I love leopard print!

It was fun to parade her in our cute holiday clothes all month long! Since so many outfits from last year fit again this year (and I feel like the same will happen next year), it only made sense to wear them every day!

Until next year, Christmas clothes!

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