26 is off to a GREAT start!

Yesterday was great.  Between the many calls, texts, tweets, and Facebook posts (over 100!  Seriously?) I’m just feeling terribly loved.  And I am just swimming in it.  It is so great to feel so loved by such wonderful people.
Yesterday went a little something like this…
My coworker Leanna made me a DELICIOUS strawberry cake (which I may or may not have had a slice for breakfast!)…
My coworker Shane makes birthday cards for the different members of our team…and my card was a GIANT Hanson masterpiece.  He took song lyrics and made the note out of lines from different songs.  (And how did he know I love baby Zac?  I love that pic! ha!).  I almost teared up when they gave it to me because it was just a sweet gesture.
My friend Taylor texted me during the day that her little girl in therapy made me a picture. 🙂
After work, Mom and Gram came up, and we met Tyler, Nancy and Tony (my in-laws) for dinner at Red Lobster.  Mom said this “wasn’t a birthday gift…just a gift”, but sorry Mom, if you give it to me on my birthday, it’s a birthday gift!  It’s a BEAUTIFUL star of David cross honoring my Jewish heritage and my Christian faith. Love it.
Mom also gave me these ADORABLE Razorback painted TOMS…
And these Hanson painted TOMS are on their way to me! 
After dinner, I taught Zumba (what would my birthday be without Zumba?)…and then Tyler and I went to Sonic for half price shakes (I got a mini. 🙂 Diet win).
Last night, Tyler told me he was going to extend the birthday high and that he wasn’t giving me my gift yet.  I thought he meant something was coming this weekend….but today when I got to work, these lovely tulips (my fave!) were on my desk. 🙂
Now, I’m hoping my procrastinator husband meant to do this…not that he didn’t make it to town in time to deliver them on my birthday. ha!  Either way, I’m thankful for him and this sweet gesture.
All in all, yesterday was great.  I’m looking forward to what this year of life will hold!


  1. Love seeing all your goodies! Birthdays are pretty fun I guess, even if they do mean getting older 😉

  2. Awwwww You’re a fan of Zac too. Me too chick. Wow. I love you even more now. I’m glad you had a great birthday. you deserve it. Love the shoes esp the Tom ones with Hanson on them. I just had to show those to my Hanson bestie. 😀 They look like they would be so comfy. I’d wear them every day. 😀 awww beautiful flowers. I love flowers.

    and the card rocks. What great friends and family you have.

    would love to hear from you a fellow hanson fan.


    (-(-)) (hanson symbol)

  3. Where did you get the Hanson TOMS???!!! I want a pair!!!
    E-mail me please! rindileigh3@yahoo.com
    Thanks so much!

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