30 Before 30 Update

So in June I will turn 30 (gulp. Ain’t no stopping it!) Years ago, I set a 30 Before 30 list. I guess I better get serious about finishing it!

Left on the list are:

  • Scanning pictures to save them. This will be an on going project, but I would like to do another 50 or so from my childhood before my 30th.
  • Make homemade pasta. That’s an easy one. Just need to set aside time to do it.
  • Own every color Fiestaware. This one is sort of difficult. They come out with a new color every year. I also have SO much Fiestaware. I’m kind of abandoning this goal once I add a piece of Claret (which was the 2016 color) because I really don’t need any more.  I have all the vintage colors and all the colors up to 2016.
  • Finish eating at the top 10 restaurants locally. I have 4 left: Doe’s (hoping to go for my birthday maybe?), Rib Room, Bella Italia and Emmy’s (maybe for our anniversary?).  Now that I have a baby, thinking about having 4 nice meals out in the next 4 months seems like a lot, but I can make time for that.

And that’s it! Crazy to think some of those goals were lofty (running at 10k! Reading the entire Bible!), some were silly (going blonde!), some were travel related (New Orleans!)….but they were all fun. Here’s to finishing it before June 5!

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