30 Days of LuLaRoe: Days 1-2

30 Days of LuLaRoe: Days 1-2

This recap is a short one since we just started on Thursday.

But I wanted to update weekly, so let’s take a look at Days 1 and 2.

*Wondering what I’m doing? Check out the first post here.*

30 days of

It was COLD here this week. Thankfully, LuLaRoe is perfect for layering. I want to stay cozy, but it’s comfortable in my office. So I don’t want to wear too much. I need options that are cute but not eskimo-gear.

Day 1: Thursday I wore my black Cassie skirt. It’s a stretchy pencil skirt. The waistband is yoga-style, so no cutting into you or creating a muffin top (win for this new mama body!). It’s so very comfortable, and the length is great. Our desks have open fronts, so nothing too short at work! No Britney Spears moment under my desk!

I paired this Cassie skirt with tights (because it’s cold!), a looser long sleeve burgundy top and a leopard vest.And flats. Because I don’t have the coordination for pumps right now. I’m still getting my balance back after baby. But I felt polished AND comfy – win, win!

Day 2: Friday at work is jeans day. And it was snowing so I was all about warm and didn’t fully “do myself up.” I wore some skinny jeans, a black long sleeve T and my Lindsay kimono with snow boots. This piece is so flowy and forgiving! A great layering piece, for sure. And I love the black and white pattern. It goes with anything!

For size info, I wear an XL in Cassie. I’m a size 12/14 with hips and thick thighs. My Lindsay is a size M because I want it flowy but not too big.

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