30 Days of LuLaRoe: Days 17-23

30 Days of LuLaRoe: Days 17-23

I had a great time this week! It’s so fun to see what neat oufits I can create with these amazing LuLaRoe pieces!

*Wondering what I’m up to? Check out the first post here.*

30 days of

Day 17: Saturday was another comfort day! Skinny jeans and an Irma top. Easy peasy. This was my first piece of LuLaRoe- a butterfly pattern. I love it! This is a L Irma.

Day 18: Sunday, I wore some solid LLR leggings with a dress and booties. While they do have some super fun prints, they also have solids (though black- which everyone wants- is pretty hard to find). I have a heathered grey pair and this solid grey pair. The nice thing is they are comfortable and flattering without being restricting, so after church I just throw on a T-shirt for naptime, and then I don’t have to change pants when I get home. I even wear my leggings to bed! Hey-o for anything that cuts down on laundry! These are TC leggings.

Day 19: Monday at work, I wore some dress pants with a gorgeous teal Perfect T. I LOVE how flowy the Perfect T is, and it’s great for layering a cardigan/blazer over it to give it a little more put together look. I wear a L in this piece. I wanted to show how loose and forgiving the shirt is first, then the outfit.

Day 20: On Tuesday, I wore some skinny dress pants, a red irma (size L) and a fun cardigan. I love wearing Irma tops with skinny pants since they cover my booty!

Day 21: On Wednesday, it suddenly got COLD again. I wore my Sarah cardigan (size L) over dress pants and a shirt to keep me cozy all day. Seriously like wearing a fashionable snuggie to work or something.

Day 22: Thursday,. I wanted to look put together.  A red feather print Cassie skirt, fleece leggings and boots (because it was COLD!) and a sweater. Polished, but so easy to move in!

Day 23: I wore Friday’s LuLaRoe to wear (and another look coming next week because I’m also wearing LLR to a wedding tonight!). I wore skinny jeans, a black long sleeve T and a Monroe cardigan. I LOVE how this Monroe adds a touch of fun. I LOVE the fringe!

This is a small. The Monroe comes in small and large. Small fits 0-12, and large covers up to a size 22/24! There are solids and patterns in the Monroe. 

We are getting SO close to our Facebook party! Come join the group and see what the fuss is all about! I’m hosting a Facebook party February 4, and an in-person party that day as well if you’re local!

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