30 Days of LuLaRoe: Days 24-30

30 Days of LuLaRoe: Days 24-30

Here we are at the end. I’ve worn LuLaroe for 30 days! And I’m totally NOT sick of it at all. I love these clothes!

*Wondering what I’m doing? Check out the first post here.*

30 days of

This is the last week of LuLaRoe! Here’s what I wore:

To piggy back on day 23, I wore LLR to a wedding Friday night!  I had been a little leery of the Julia dress. It’s a bit more form fitting, but I LOVE it. I did need either a smoother undergarment or leggings to smooth out these new mama bumps, but otherwise, I felt ROCKING in it.  I sized up to 2XL in this, but I love how it showed off my curves!

Day 24: My go-to Saturday look is LuLaRoe leggings and a tunic top. I’m wearing some BLACK LULAROE LEGGINGS.  Yes, I happened onto these in a big group sale and was AMAZED. Black leggings are impossible to find. But I found them! Hey-o!  These are TC leggings.

Day 25: For Sunday, I wore a super cute Carly (this one has no pocket and is leggings material!) with a shirt layered underneath (it was cold), leggings and booties. This is a L Carly.

Day 26: For work, I wore a favorite LLR piece- an elegant Ana! For the holiday season, LuLaRoe made some sparkly pieces. I Love the Ana dress, so effortlessly chic and feels like wearing a nightgown. I dressed it down just a touch with a denim vest. This is an XL Ana.

Day 28: On Tuesday, I wore my LuLaRoe Jordan pants to workout. I went for a walk with Ty and Remi, so these were great! They are wicking fabric, so I could work up a sweat without feeling icky afterward. These are a size L. They are quite fitted with a compression quality.

Day 27: Time for another Amelia! I wore this beautiful L Amelia with a loose blazer for work. It’s so easy to just throw on a dress and look and feel amazing. I woke up late and needed something easy to put on. Amelia has a zipper in the back, so it’s a little more structured. And hey-o! It has POCKETS!

Day 29: Baby girl didn’t sleep great, I woke up late and just threw on dress pants and a sweater. Sorry LuLaRoe, but in my fury to get out the door for work, I didn’t get any LLR on. 🙁

Day 30: My last day to wear LLR (well, the last day I have to wear LLR! I’ll still wear it!). I wanted to wear my favorite piece which has to be my black Irma (size L).  With some jeans and a cozy cardigan (since it’s cold out again!).

One thing I learned this month is how versatile and comfortable LuLaRoe is. Seriously, if you’ve never tried it, come over to our party and shop. Just try one item (I highly suggest leggings or an Irma to get you started….or a dress if you work/want to look cute for church!).  You won’t regret it!

The big Facebook party is TOMORROW! Come join our Facebook group and shop. No obligation to buy- just come join the fun! Email or reach out on social if you’re local and want to come shop in person tomorrow!

Check out days 1-2, 3-9, 10-16, and 17-23 to see all of the outfits from this month.

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