30 Days of LuLaRoe: Days 3-9

30 Days of LuLaRoe: Days 3-9

I’ve now completed an entire week of wearing LuLaroe every day!

*Wondering what I’m up to? Check out the first post here!*

30 days of

Day 3: Saturday was all about party prep. I spent the day with family, hanging out and cooking. I wore leggings.  These are TC (Tall and Curvy). And ya’ll.  I can’t stress enough HOW COMFORTABLE LULAROE LEGGINGS ARE. The fabric is seriously like butter.  And the waistband is high enough I don’t feel muffin topped, and it also doesn’t dig into you.  And y’all. I know I hear people say “I don’t have the legs for crazy leggings.” Well, I have the thickest, curviest thighs…and if I can wear them, so can you! The fabric is thick and luxurious without being hot (because even though it’s cold, I have the heat on and don’t want to be hot inside).

I wore these fun leggings with a sweatshirt and some flats when we went out to see the family (otherwise it was slippers around the house). LuLaRoe leggings are my new fave lounge pants!

Day 4: Sunday was Remi’s baby dedication. We go in front of the whole church with her for a small prayer, and then we have a ceremony with friends and family after. I wanted to look nice. But lugging a baby around requires something easy to move in. Enter the Ana dress.  A super flattering maxi dress with sleeves long enough to be flattering to my “I haven’t worked out in months” body.  This Ana is an XL. I topped it with a suede vest.

Day 5: Monday I rocked a super cute striped Amelia with leggings, a scarf and flats. This Amelia is an XL. I love the structure of it- it’s a bit more fitted in the bodice, but the zipper in the back makes it not too body hugging (if that makes sense?).  The fabric is thick and nice. The pleated skirt is SO flattering.  Just flows over your hips. And the length is great,too. And pockets! Yay!

Day 6: On Tuesday, it was surprisingly warm. So I broke out my fave- a royal blue Carly! I wore it with a loose cardigan and boots (my feet are often cold at work!). Carly always looks great with a long necklace so I topped my outfit off with one!

 The Carly dress is flowy and loose, so most people size down. It also has a great high low without being too short in the front. I’m wearing a L in this one, but can even go down to a M. 

Day 7: Wednesday, I actually wore my LLR to church! When we go to church, we do dinner and Bible Study/choir and then come home for lounging and bed – so I like to go to church comfortable since I’ll be there for a while and then don’t have to change when I get home. I wore leggings and a tunic. These are OS (one size) leggings in a SUPER fun crown print! In LLR world, a print you love is called a unicorn. Since they only make 2500 items in a fabric, you may have to search out your mythical unicorn. These crown leggings were my unicorn! And I LOVE them. Even though I would prefer them in TC, the OS ones fit me.


Day 8: Thursday was all about the sparkle. I wore my Elegant Ana to work, but I dressed it down a little with a jean vest. This year at the holidays, LLR made an Elegant collection, and most things had a little shimmer to them. I’m all about the sparkle, so I bought three pieces from the Elegant collection! I think sparkles aren’t just for the holidays. You can make them work anytime. And bonus? I might as well be wearing a nightgown, it’s that comfy. This is an XL Ana.


Day 9: Another Friday jeans day at work. This week I wore some black skinny jeans and and  a striped Irma top, all topped off with a scarf. Pattern mixing is SO easy with LuLaRoe because of the fun patterns. So I am rocking a patterned scarf with my stripes (yes, second time this week for this look!) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Irma. It’s longer in the back, which is great for skinny jeans or leggings. It’s a relaxed dolman style, and very flattering on many body types. You can size down in an Irma, and mine is a L.


So that’s another week of LuLaRoe!  Want to get some LLR for you? Come join our party on Facebook– or message me if you’re local! We will have in person and online parties on February 4!

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  1. I love the Carly, especially with your hair that way. ๐Ÿ™‚

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