30 Week Highlights

30 Week Highlights

This week seemed to blur by. Between work, getting everything done (making sure she’s eating solids, going on walks, housework), the weeks zoom by.  We get to slow down and savor the weekends, though, which is nice.

Remi is loving church nursery with her little friends. I love thinking that these girls will grow up together!

We met Tyler’s cousins for dinner Monday night and they got some snuggles and playtime. Remi loves her cousins!

She had a viral infection and was home for a few days thanks to some fever. (PS. Nothing is worse than the text from daycare- “Remi has 102 fever.” Wah wah).  But she was still all smiles most of the time! 

Her little two teeth have broken through! 

That silly virus would make her happy and playing and then pitiful the next.  Poor bear.  Thankful she’s feeling better now. 

On Friday to celebrate going back to school, she wore her police support outfit. Daddy is our hero!

I can’t believe she’s 30 weeks old!

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