33 Week Highlights

33 Week Highlights

This little girl brings so much laughter into our lives. She’s so happy all of the time and is learning such fun things!

These first couple of pictures are from when I was gone to Hanson Day. She had a BLAST with her grandmas and daddy.  Tyler would go to my mom’s to hang after work and help put her to bed. Mom and Nancy played with her during the days. She loved it.

I did get to Facetime her one morning. She was smiley and happy. 

One afternoon, she took a long carseat nap (daycare play wears you out!) and she looked like an angel. So sweet. 

We wore some cute outfits this week! LOVE this cotton candy colored ensemble! (The bow came off before daycare. Ain’t no need for bows there). 

She is LOVING finger foods! She still gets some purees and yogurt and such…but berries are her JAM. This week she loved raspberries and cooked carrot slices.

We attempted the park after dinner one night. Not impressed. We only stayed for like 5 minutes because she didn’t care. ha!

And this cute outfit rounded out the week. Watermelon romper. I die. 

Just crazy fun together. She’s learning to crawl, playing so well with her toys, and working on some tricks (working on “bye bye” and clapping). Love her so much!

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