34 Week Highlights

34 Week Highlights

Oh little bug, what fun we are having. You are just the highlight of every day!

She went to daycare looking SO cute. And she wouldn’t put down that ball for anything to take a picture.

We are trying to be so intentional with reading at night to encourage that sweet babbling to turn into talking. She was really into Corduroy!

She’s having a messy blast eating dinner.  Lots of self-feeding finger foods. Black beans and blackberries were a big mess, and a hit!

I captured these selfies to show what snuggle time looks like these days. We smile and laugh and then she grabs my hair and my face. Gotta love it.

She didn’t nap great last week, so we had some early bedtimes. While I don’t love cutting our evenings short, I know she needs that rest to grow!


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