35 Week Highlights

35 Week Highlights

Remington is getting such a fun little personality. She’s easy going, observant, and so smiley.

We had a BBQ on our back porch Friday. The weather was perfection, our back porch is wonderfully shaded. She enjoyed playing while I cooked and then we all ate outside. Daddy got the best smiles out of our girls.


She’s still eating SO good. She’s loving just about everything (peanut butter toast wasn’t a hit). She went to town on some farm grown tomatoes.

She figured out she can get into her toy box. She just let herself in and started digging!

We were SO excited that our shoes are fitting for church! She doesn’t wear shoes most days to daycare (they end up off anyway) but I’m totally making her wear her cute shoes on the weekends.

On my birthday shopping trip, I dressed her up to the nines. She looked so cute and everyone at the mall loved her jelly sandals.

Goodness life is fun with our girl!

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