38 Week Highlights

38 Week Highlights

Oh man. We can’t catch a break.

Remi got tummy sick on Saturday night.  We had a GREAT day in NWA, but when we got home, all bets were off.  She got sick 4 times. Not sure if it was car sickness, a bug, or what she ate…but it was a disaster. I’m thankful for a husband who jumps in to help clean, rock a crying baby and just be there.

I’m also thankful for the subsequent snuggles that ensued after.

We’ve ditched the baby bath. This girl needs freedom! She crawls around the tub and has a GREAT time splashing.

Before the tummy bug hit us, we had a wonderful day together. Me, Remi and the grandmas went to Crystal Bridges. We saw the Chihuly exhibit (which was AMAZING), enjoyed beautiful weather, and had a great meal at the Flying Fish.

She loved when I got the carrier out. She squealed in delight.  I was so happy that she loves snuggling!

I captured her playing in her room. I love seeing her in her element exploring and learning. And I want to remember how small she looked in this big room.

And somehow this one didn’t make it last week…but they had sports team day. Daddy was sad she wasn’t wearing OU, but we just don’t have any OU clothes that fit! So she was a Razorback cheerleader!

I was dressing her for school and saw this cowgirl onesie that Gigi bought when at the Fort Worth Stockyards. Good thing I found it because it almost didn’t fit!

Daddy fed her dinner one night since he wasn’t hungry, and they are just the cutest together.

They had their 4th of July party at school. They made these ADORABLE shirts and were taking pictures (I love that our daycare does theme days and parties and takes pics)….but girl can’t take a good pic at daycare. Just can’t. ha!

Me and Grammy went to NWA for a musical last night after work, so I had to FaceTime my girl. She was just getting cleaned up after dinner, but was talking up a storm to me. Love her! (We saw Motown the Musical and it was GREAT. Go see it if it comes near you- lots of music you know and love, VERY talented cast, and an interesting story!)

And she sure was happy it’s Friday! Have a great weekend, friends!

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