39 Week Highlights

39 Week Highlights

I’m loving being this girl’s mama. It’s hard to believe she’s almost been out as long as she was in. Getting so close (She was born at 41.5 weeks…so a couple more weeks before that).

Friday was overall day!

She wore this CUTE dress to daycare on July 3. I thought it looked like fireworks. And I think she looks like her daddy in this picture.

On the 4th, she won our little local pageant’s Tiny Tot division.

She took a bath in mama’s big bathtub and LOVED drinking from the faucet. She is so funny! I’m just thankful she doesn’t mind water in her face.

Before church Sunday, she was crawling around. She was enjoying her jumper from below. That’s not how it works, silly girl!

We tried to have a little photoshoot in the front before church. But she’s mobile, so it’s getting tougher!

We played before church and she was just.so.excited about life.

And I love that ruffly butt. These bubble rompers are my faves.

My sweet friend Danielle brought me homemade pie Friday night, so of course, I broke my diet.  A little certain baby girl was mad that she wasn’t eating with me.

She wasn’t feeling great and took a nap Saturday morning and looked like a sleeping angel.

Saturday morning selfies. Funny face!

We just love spending time together! I can’t believe she will be 9 months next week!


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