39 Week Update

39 Week Update

How far along? 39 weeks.  The end is near.

Baby is the size of: a pumpkin, a housecat, and a mini skateboard.

Maternity clothes? Yes. And now even mostly flip flops.  My poor sausage toes just don’t feel great in other shoes. It had been pretty warm, but has cooled off this week. Everyone is breaking out their boots. I mean, I couldn’t bend over to put them on, but if I could, they are so swollen I wouldn’t want them on anyway.

Sleep: Still sleeping ok-ish. I get up in the night (and after a BIG struggle to roll out of bed and waddle back), and I fall back asleep ok.

Best moment this week: Buying the milk that is good past my due date. We are SO close.

Movement: It’s mostly a butt in my ribs at this point. I’m thankful to feel her often to know she’s still ok…but golly kid, give me some room!

Food cravings: To be honest, I’m hungry ALL THE TIME but not much sounds good. I don’t know if this is normal pregnancy thing, or if I’m just sick of thinking about food from the gestational diabetes. Either way, I’m ready to indulge some after she’s here.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not really!

Symptoms: I had some contractions one night, and almost got excited…but I fell back asleep and nothing else happened.  Otherwise, it’s just uncomfortableness all the time.

Belly button in or out? In

Wedding rings on or off? I’m not wearing them most of the time so I don’t swell up.

Happy or moody most of the time: Pretty good. I can tell I’m a little more hormonal as I’m crying (mostly happy cry) from a lot more this week.  And my sugar numbers are a little wacky, which is hormonal.

Looking forward to: Our doctor’s appointment Thursday. He told me that I won’t go longer than 40 weeks due to the gestational diabetes…but we have no idea what that means for us if she doesn’t come by our due date on Sunday. Guess we will go over options Thursday? Hope so!

Just for an FYI- It may take me a bit to announce her arrival here on the blog, but my Instagram will have it pretty quickly. So if you want to stay updated, follow me on IG @brittneydeanne

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