3rd CSA Box and Smoothie Cubes Recipe

Last week, I got our third CSA box from Wild Things Farm.  It’s SO conveinent for me, because it’s literally only 10 minutes total out of my way to go pick up our box.

I actually got to talk with one of the farmers while I was there.  That was a treat!  She was SO nice.  She was telling me what we could be expecting in the future (beets!) and that this was the last of the asparagus (sad day!).  She also got super sad telling me about the small cauliflower.  She said the weather just didn’t cooperate, and she was afraid if she waited for the next box (in a couple weeks) it wouldn’t be good…so we got baby cauliflower.

She also told me that her animals got to eat all the broccoli because it didn’t turn out this year.  She said “I babied that stuff ALL winter, and didn’t get any of it.”  Being a farmer is hard, y’all!

This is what came in my 3rd CSA box:

A giant box of AMAZING strawberries, a big bag of purple asparagus, a bag of kale, 2 small heads of cauliflower, and some spring onions.

I decided to make some smoothie cubes with the kale and some strawberries.  They are perfect to add to some almond milk or coconut milk in the mornings.

Smoothie Cube Recipe
bag of kale (mine was about 6 cups I would say?)
-equal fruit (I used about 3 cups of strawberries, a couple mangos, and some pineapple)
-2 bananas

Wash the kale and remove any really big stems (they are bitter) and boil it quickly (for 1-2 minutes) until soft. Then add the berries, bananas, and kale to a food processor and blend.  Depending on the water content of your berries, you may need to add a little liquid.  Water, milk of some sort, or juice would work fine.  Pour your mixture into ice cube trays.

When you’re ready, you can blend the cubes with some milk, protein powder, and any other fruit and make an instant smoothie! I use 6 cubes, which is about 3/4 of a cup of fruit and veggies.


  1. I just love that place. I know the family that owns it, I went to school with their son. They are great people!!!

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