4 Years Old

4 Years Old

I absolutely can not believe we are parents to a 4 year old!

Here’s a brain dump of all the important things about Remington at 4 years old!

She’s finally growing! Wearing size 7 shoes, 3T/4T clothes, around 32 lbs and 38.5 inches. She LOVES checking to see if she’s grown on our height chart in her room. Like she wants to check daily to see if she’s grown overnight.

On mornings when we wake her up, she needs “Just one more minute!” to rest, so I turn on the hall light and let the dogs come in and wake her up. Some mornings, she pops out of bed allllll happy and wanting to snuggle, other mornings, it’s grouch fest. But on the weekends when she wakes up on her own, she bolts into our room- often proclaiming “Mom! The sun is rising!”

She’s still a fantastic eater. She loves all kinds of strong foods. Some faves: shrimp, deer meat, tomatoes, frozen blueberries, BUTTER, green beans, pizza, and the dip trio at El Palenque. There’s not a ton she flat out won’t eat- mostly cooked squash and zucchini (she likes them raw).

She loves to play. She plays dress up, doctor, with her play kitchen. She loves to play games together and do puzzles. She also loves an “activity” where we make something or do a science project together. She enjoys the park more than most kids, I think. She will just spend hours running around outside if we let her.

She likes some TV shows: Emily’s Wonder Lab, Izzy’s Koala World, Paw Patrol, PJ Mask, Bluey. We try not to watch a TON of TV. She also likes just about any Disney movie now, plus the Greatest Showman.

She loves doing things with Daddy- helping him with her tools (always putting on her safety goggles first!), taking 4 wheeler rides, and having tickle fights. With me, she loves to help me cook and she recently helped me plant some flowers. We also love dance parties. We’ve started dance party Fridays and we love it. Our dance music is the Trolls soundtrack or Shawn Mendes (his CD has been in her room since I bought it – our only CD player in the house- and we love it).

She adores her family- her Mimi and Gigi (and their animals), her cousins, baby Hattie, uncle Dwight, Auntie Paula- we often talk about our family.

She loves going through the car wash, to the farmer’s market, to the library- even though this year has had a LOT of home time, she still loves to go.

She still naps for a couple hours each day (thank you!), and sleeps from 8:30/9 to 6 on school days, and the same bedtime until 7/7:30 on the weekends.

She mostly drinks water and milk, with the occasional juice. She doesn’t like “bubble drinks” or lemonade or tea.

She doesn’t have much of an opinion on clothing, unless it’s constricting or not stretchy (don’t THINK about putting real denim on her).

She has opinions some days on how she wants her hair- up or down or with a certain bow. I don’t mind doing what she asks for. We try to let her make as many choices for herself as possible.

She’s SO independent. She likes getting things for herself- drinks, turning on lights (with the help of her step stool), letting the dogs in or out, feeding the dogs, changing her clothes- anything she can do by herself. We’ve also been working on doing some chores helping around the house.

She has struggled as a “threenager” with some fits, but we are working through those things. She’s a good girl with a desire to please.

She LOVES church. She loves learning the songs, Bible verses and playing there. She also loves reading books- at night, it’s always “one more book, please?” She is so kindhearted and tender. I pray she always loves people.

Remington, we couldn’t adore you an ounce more if we tried. Being your parents is such a joy. You’re smart. You’re a bright light. You’re curious. You’re funny. You’re opinionated. You’re passionate. You’re enthusiastic. You’re just the best. We love you so much!

Here’s to another fun year together!

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