4 Years

March 13, 2010.

We chose that date based on it being the start of Spring Break week for the U of A.

We had been engaged for a few weeks when we chose that date, I think.  I had been accepted to attend U of A for grad school the next year, so we knew we would have to plan around that.  Originally (months before we got engaged…because I started thinking about our wedding then), I wanted a December 12 wedding during Christmas break.  But by the time we were engaged, two of our friends had gotten engaged and claimed that date.  So, we chose the next break in grad school life: Spring Break.

However, somewhere after planning so many things, the state of Arkansas declared by state legislation that all public schools would have the same Spring Break and they chose it to start March 20, not March 13.  I was devasted.

But we were too far into wedding planning to reschedule…so we pressed on with March 13 as the goal.

I wouldn’t change a thing about that day, except maybe working harder on my diet/weight loss before the big day. 🙂

Four years in, I would do it all over again.  There is no one I would rather share my every day with.  I love serving Tyler. I love when he surprises me.  I love cooking dinner together.  I love riding in the car together. I love when Garth Brooks comes on the radio and we sing as loud as our voices can handle. I love when he keeps my cold feet warm.  I love everything about life with him.

Sure, life isn’t perfect, and this last year has been our hardest yet with lots of life stresses. But, at the end of it all, I was so happy to be praying each night for our marriage, for my husband, for Tyler.  I am so thankful for what we have.  It isn’t perfect, but it’s grace filled.

Happy anniversary, Tyler. I love you bunches, oodles, gobs, and lots.  I’m glad I’m your bride.


  1. Happy 4th anniversary!

  2. Happy anniversary!!! Love that picture!!

  3. We have been married today for 26 years. We married on this day in 1988 because my husband was attending U of A and this was the week of spring break. We married in Eureka Springs at the Miracle Mansion. What a small world!! Have a happy day with all the blessings you can handle!!

  4. Happy anniversary you guys!

  5. Very sweet! Happy Anniversary!

  6. Happy Anniversary

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