41 Week Highlights

41 Week Highlights

This week we hit the big milestone- as long as as she was in!  On Friday, she was 40 weeks, 6 days.  I don’t normally keep track of days (heck, I only know weeks because of blogging) but I had the thought on the drive to work/school that she would be 41 weeks on Saturday.  So here we are.  Out and in!20139761_10100134499818903_3710612934743624170_n.jpg

My good little eater!  She GOES TO TOWN on her finger foods.

I bought some tiny pony tail holders and loosely put it up one night.  She thought it was hilarious!

When she wakes up before I want her to, she gets to play in the bathroom jumper while I get ready.  I said this is how you contain a monkey at 6 am!

She’s been doing this funny scrunchy nose face. It cracks us up!

She rode on her elephant (the grandmas did it once, but we weren’t home to see it…and she wasn’t a huge fan then), but she LOVED it now!

And then big girl decided to pull up to a stand!  Hello there!

A fun exciting week together, for sure!

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