42 Week Highlights

42 Week Highlights

Whew! This week seemed to fly by.  Maybe it’s because I’m looking forward to the weekend (Remi is spending the night with Gigi so mommy and daddy can have a date and SLEEP IN! AMEN!) or if we were just busy, but it went by quickly.

The biggest highlight is her third tooth broke through! Explains the stuffy nose and little bit of fussiness!

Daddy fed her dinner one night and she was so excited she was bouncing in her seat! I’m determined to make her not picky/make her a foodie (as best as I can!).  That night’s dinner was bison meatballs and garlic herb cauliflower rice. Sister LOVED it.

All the chewing this week makes sense now that the tooth has appeared.

See?  Chewing on all the things. (This was taken Sunday after an EARLY wakeup and hardly any nap. I was tired and she was able to mess with anything safe, including my House DVDS. ha!)

I loved her Sunday outfit. My fave, Ric Rac and Ruffles.  And look at how long her hair is getting!

Saturday night we met Daddy for dinner since he was working overtime. They enjoyed seeing each other!

Saturday she also got her first ponytail! I pulled it up and put a bow in it! ha!

She’s standing up so well!  It’s adorable when she goes to sit down. She moves down so slowly and is so careful.

We enjoyed playing Saturday morning.  ALL the toys.

Here’s to another great week of our growing girl!

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