4th Day in Vegas

4th Day in Vegas

On our 4th day, we woke bright and early to leave around 7 a.m.

We were headed out to the Grand Canyon, which was 4-5 hours away.  So we hit the road early, stopping at McDonalds before we got too far out of Vegas.

The drive was awesome. We went through so many different landscapes- the dessert, mountains, a lake- it was just beautiful.

We grabbed a quick lunch at Wendy’s before entering the park so once we got in there we could focus on the Grand Canyon.

And we did.

We arrived at the visitor center and walked back to Mather Point. It was amazing to finally be at the Grand Canyon.


12132551_864783001593_8500878382209547483_oWe spent a couple hours walking the rim trail down to a shuttle stop.  They have a tram that runs ever 15 minutes or so taking you back to the visitor’s center.

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Once we got back to our car, we headed to our lodge, El Tovar, to get checked in.

El Tovar is a historic hunting lodge built in 1905.  It’s the premier location in the lodge- right on the rim and it includes a 5-star restaurant.

As we were parking, we spotted an elk in the parking lot, and we followed it to meet it’s friends.


Two other elk were grazing in the garden (probably why the garden is so sparse!).  We spent lots of time watching them.12140148_864783570453_3945028734421299729_o

Once the elk moved out, we got checked in.  The rooms at El Tovar are smaller (it’s 110 years old…they didn’t built huge rooms then!), but super nice and comfortable. We went back out to watch sunset at the canyon.

It was neat to watch it go from bright…


To dim…


To glowing with the last light.


After sunset, we got changed and headed to the El Tovar restaurant for dinner. It felt so special to have such a nice meal in the park at our lodge (and so nice to just walk down the hall and eat and come back to the room- so different from ALL the walking in Vegas.)

We split this crab tower for an appetizer, and I had veal Oscar and Tyler had a steak.  The food and service were GREAT.  We finished the meal with an awesome chocolate cake.


We got a great night’s sleep (after a snafu with the air conditioner!) and were ready for our second day at the Grand Canyon!


  1. El Tovar is on my bucket list:) I’ve only stayed at the low budget government lodges. I’m working in Phoenix this January and hoping to make a weekend trip back to the Canyon. Great pics!

    • We booked pretty close to our stay (even though everyone says they sell out a year in advance). I just kept checking the site daily for cancellations. I hope you can stay there. The rooms were a bit small (it’s a 100 year old place!) but the atmosphere was great and so was the food!

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