5 on Friday: Ultrasound and Other Fun

5 on Friday: Ultrasound and Other Fun

Here are 5 awesome things we did this week:

  1. We saw these tiny little feet wiggling at our 4D ultrasound.


2. We saw this sweet smile and sweet cheeks.LEE, BRIT_9LEE, BRIT_14LEE, BRIT_28LEE, BRIT_30

3. We watched Remi be an acrobat. Feet right by the hands next to the face. Sister likes being squished up.


4. We went to a NWA Naturals game last night with the moms. It was a fun evening. Ran a couple errands, ate way too much at PF Changs and then saw several home runs!

5. I stopped by to hug the necks of some of my Zumba girls. I love these 4. Ava (the one in the middle) is moving to the East Coast, so they had a little going away dinner for her. I was so glad they invited me so I could say hello and see you later. I don’t miss teaching, per se. I like my evenings and have enjoyed the slower pace. However, I miss the people. 


So that was my week! How was your week?

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