52 Week Update

52 Week Update

It’s the last week of her being a baby. Ok, not really. She’s still a baby. And she’ll always be my baby. But the last week of her first year.

We had so much fun.

On Saturday, she came with momma to work out. She does GREAT sitting in her stroller and watching us work out. It’s only 30 minutes and there is plenty to see.  She cheered me on!


Then we met Daddy for lunch while he worked. We love seeing him during the day! After lunch, he ran her up to dispatch to show her off. 

She is walking ALL over using her push toy (and anything else she can push). I call this stretch behind our couch the Remi Speedway. Back and forth and back and forth.  ALL DAY.

It was nice out, so we went to feed the catfish. She loved when the jumped in the water.

She got one last wear out of my favorite patriotic romper. And the jean jacket? I die.

Daddy was around more in the mornings the last few weeks waiting for his knee to heal up, and she loved seeing him in the mornings!

Grammy taught her how to climb stairs, and she’s putting that skill to use at our house too.

On Friday evening, Tyler was hunting and so I put Remi to bed.  She is usually so independent, but on Friday, she let me snuggle her.  We sat for 30 minutes rocking and praying together. It was special.


Earlier in the week, we were BACK to the doctor for the ear infection that won’t go away. She was happy and charmed the doctor (of course).  We did get an ENT referral for tubes.


And my crazy bed-head girl on her last day of being a baby. 🙂

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