73 Days…

In 73 days, I will leave work early, drive to Little Rock and get on a plane for NYC!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it.
Tyler has never been to NYC, and he isn’t sure he will enjoy it…so our perfect solution was a quick trip over Labor Day!  Mom really wanted to go to NY to see Ghost on Broadway.  She LOVES the movie, and can’t wait to see the musical.  We are also seeing Rock of Ages (I think Tyler will enjoy that!).  On top of all that, we will be cramming in as much sightseeing and cheesecake eating as possible!
Mom and I have taken several trips to NYC, I think this will be our 4th or 5th together?  We usually go and eat, shop, and see plays.  We do a little sightseeing on the side.  But with Tyler, he isn’t going to want to spend his whole vacation waiting for us to try on clothes. ha! So my only request is to stop at an H & M.
I have a goal: lose 10 more pounds before NYC.  It is 73 days away.  That makes for one pound every week until then.  A pretty simple goal.  Except even when I’m good, this weight loss thing is soooo slow.  It is sad to set a goal and then not reach it.  Originally, when I re-started this weight loss thing back just before Christmas, I thought I could lose all 30 pounds before my birthday.  Well, birthday came and went and I was only 11 pounds lighter than I was at Christmas.  I mean, I’m proud of those 11 pounds, but couldn’t they come off easier? 
I REALLY want to go to NY with my weight (ah I can’t believe I’m going to tell you my weight) in the 160s.  Ok, my weight is not shameful.  I’m gonna put it out there.  I want to go to NYC weighing 164.  Yes, that means that right now I’m 174 (reality check….2 years ago I was 210.  Look at that progress!). So 164 – that would be 10 pounds.  My “goal weight” at this point is 150.  If I can lose 10 before NY, I can surely lose the rest before our cruise in January.  I might not be 100% happy at 150, but that’s what I’m reaching for at the moment. I might decide at 150 to keep working.  And that is fine.  But I am set with 150 in my sights.
So this is my goal in writing.  Out there for the world (or my 90 followers) to see. 10 pounds by NY.  the rest by January. What am I doing to reach this goal?  Nothing magical!  Just calorie counting, Zumba 5x week, and doing strength training in the mornings.  I might get in an extra walk/run at night…and we probably walk .5-1 mile a few times at work each week…..so I’m pushing.  It has worked so far (even if its slow) So 73 days away….let’s go.


  1. O my goodness! How fun!!!!! That’s one place Beau & I want to go!!

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